Create A Sense Of Freshness At Home

How much time do you spend at home? 

As soon as the weather takes a turn for the worse, the home becomes a cozy and welcoming retreat that protects us from the cold temperatures. During the winter season, most people spend the majority of their waking hours indoors. Therefore, you become more aware of the interior atmosphere. Creating a fresh and soothing sensation at home can help you to go through winter without feeling down or stuffy! However, freshness and winter interiors seem to be two opposite elements that can’t be combined. Indeed, the house can feel messy and unpleasant, even if you keep up with your weekly chores. How can you make your home feel fresh again? Little details, as it happens, can go a long way. Here’s why you need to focus on the small things:

Bring the windows at the heart of your decor 

As the nights grow longer, you need to maximize every minute of sunlight at home. If you’ve got thick and dark curtains, you might want to replace them with blinds – take a look at a supplier such as Next Day Blinds that promises quick delivery – to get more light inside. Additionally, you’ll find that adding houseplants by the windows can also boost the positive effect you create with the light. Indeed, rooms that are bathed in sunlight feel naturally cleaner and more welcoming than dark areas. The presence of greenery enhances the fresh sensation. 

What difference does cooking make?

What is your favorite winter dish? Are you a lasagna enthusiast? Perhaps you prefer a lovely pie? Regardless of your choices, the oven plays a significant role in your winter cooking. Consequently, your oven is more likely to accumulate unpleasant smells and grease in winter than it is in summer, which can affect your interior. Keeping your oven clean in winter is all about ensuring your kitchen can spread delicious smells indoor, rather than unpleasant odors. 

Dislodge stubborn smells 

The oven isn’t the only household element that makes your home feel unpleasant and unwelcoming. Your carpet tends to capture pollutants, grime, and germs over time. Having it professionally cleaned once or twice a year can make a significant difference to your household. if you have pets and children, you need to wash your carpet more regularly. While it’s hard work, keeping your carpet smelling fresh can transform your interior. Additionally, it’s important to understand that vacuuming only will not solve the issue. The carpet may not look dirty, but the naked eye can’t spot micro-particles. However, your nose will notice the difference at once! 

Don’t let the air dry out

Who doesn’t like a warm and cozy interior in winter? However, you need to be careful with your heating system. Indeed, aggressive heating could end up drying out your air, which in turn affects your sinuses and sense of smell. When the indoor air lacks moisture, the room can smell stuffy. It is, however, an easy problem to solve. You need to add moisture to the air. Admittedly, a humidifier is the most common strategy. However, you can introduce air humidity by using a stove steamer, taking a bat, or placing bowls of water indoors. 

A fresh home is not only a home that is filled with enchanting smells. It’s also a household that is equipped to fight off winter infections and germs more effectively. Indeed, removing health risks from your interior can keep you healthy throughout the cold season. 


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