Enlightenment of Nitwits

The Complete Guide to 2012 & Beyond

by Shepherd Hoodwin


About the Book

Enlightment for Nitwits is the first metaphysical/self-help humor collection.
It is full of hilarious one-liners and mind-bending pieces on a wide range of subjects:
  • Announcement from the Mayan Calendar Committee
  • My Toilet Runneth Over
  • A Lesson in Impatience
  • Breatharians & Sun Gazers
  • Everything New is Old Again
  • Bed Death & Beyond
  • Outsourcing & UFOs
  • This Just in from God:
  • It’s Not Easy Being An Old Soul
  • The Tao Travel Agency
  • Politics & Naked Shopping
  • Lipstick on a Pig
  • Poetry Slammed
  • Potty Training Your Inner Child
  • Self-Confidence for Total Losers
  • Do-It-Yourself Near-Death Experiences

About the Author My Review

SHEPHERD HOODWIN is the author of popular books such as Loving from Your Soul: Creating Powerful Relationships and Meditations for Self-Discovery: Guided Journeys for Exploring Your Inner Self. He has been channeling since 1986. He also does intuitive readings, mediumship, past-life regression, healing, counseling, and channeling coaching (teaching others to channel). He has conducted workshops on the Michael teachings throughout the United States.

His upcoming books include Opening to Healing, Growing Through Joy, and Being in the World. He is also working on a follow-up to his opus, Journey of Your Soul: A Channel Explores the Michael Teachings, and a collection of spiritual and personal growth writings, tentatively entitled Divine Innervention: How God Stops the Bad Guys Without Ruining Her Hair.

You can read sample chapters and learn more about his work at http://www.summerjoy.com/.

    Shepherd is a graduate of the University of Oregon in Music. He lives in Laguna Niguel, California, with his significant other, Leroy, who happens to be a plant.

My Review

NOTICE: There is absolutely NOTHING in this book that you can take seriously!

I’m not even sure if I can believe any of his “bio”.

This is a  hodgepodge of ridiculousness, with no redeeming value whatsoever.

Taken with a grain of salt, an open mind, and a love for sarcasm…this book will blow your mind, and burst your belly (from laughing so hard).

It’s almost impossible to describe, because it’s so random, haphazard and filled with absurd silliness (along with just a wee bit of irreverence)

Caution: 1) Before reading, empty your bladder (if you don’t you’re sure to wet your pants), and get a box of tissues (or you’ll have tears running down your face), and DO NOT EAT OR DRINK, (because you’ll be sure to choke or shoot liquid out your nose). 2) If you’re really really really easily offended, and can’t laugh at yourself, you should probably pass on this book. Hoodwin makes light of just about everything and everyone. I personally only found a couple of sentences that I would have edited out, and I’m a prude.

Yes, it’s THAT FUNNY.

(Disclaimer: I did receive a copy of this book free of charge, so that I could write this review. NO other compensation was received, except for an abundance of giggles and guffaws!)

Stay tuned for a giveaway coming soon

Website: http://enlightenmentfornitwits.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EnlightenmentforNitwits
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnlightenNitwit

Enlightenment for Nitwits / Book Review

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  1. Looks very interesting and funny! Or irreverent! Thanks for this review! We all need a good laugh and a good read at the same time! 🙂

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