YouTube Tuesday 1/14

I so often see clips on YouTube that I find inspirations, instructional or just downright FUNNY. I’ve decided to start posting them on a regular basis, so here is my first

YouTube Tuesday.

Youtube TuesdayThis one I’ve watched over and over again, and it makes me blubber every time I watch it. With all the bad news we get bombarded with day in and day out, it’s heartwarming to be reminded that there are a lot of good people in the world.

My two daughters that live with us are always watching silly commercials on their iPads and Kindles. They showed me this one the other day, and I just about wet my pants laughing!

The two of them were cracking up over this one…I think they thought is was a joke, but I told them that it was for a real program. I know that I had seen this a long time ago, but had forgotten all about it. The original clip has been removed, but I found this one that is even better, with the commentary.
Who knew how much air time a little galloping in the park could get!
Joanna Rohrback is still going strong and she provides all the info on Prancercise® on her Website. Based in Coral Springs, FL, Rohrback has a book, videos, and T-shirts.
Joanna Rohrback the creator of Prancercise® is available for Prancercise® or Wellness Coaching.

If Prancercising can give me a body like Joanna Rohrback, you might just catch me trotting off into the sunset.


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  • Thank you for your YouTube Tuesday. Love it. The Old Spice vid had me rolling on the floor. The first vid restored my faith in humanity.


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