Essentials for the Best Camping Experience.

Camping is one of the best ways to escape the fake world and connect with the natural one. Every camping trip is different, but the ones that you will remember best are those where the challenges didn’t overtake the pleasures. For most people, the goal is to get out into nature, relax, have conversations, and spend some time trekking or enjoying the view. You want to eat and drink and be relaxed. The best way to accomplish these things is to plan and be prepared. Pests, lousy weather, or not finding a site are some of the ways the fun gets diminished.

Here are a few tips for a stress-free camping trip.

  • Bugs: It is hard to relax when mosquitoes and flies are continually landing on you and having a taste. You never know when they will show up, so it is best to assume that the bugs will be a feature. There are many kinds of repellent and anti-mosquito products available. Having a good selection of Mozzie Gear will be your best defense against flying intruders. You should also make sure that your sleeping areas have sufficient netting to keep you safe while you sleep.
  • Firewood: Fire is the focal point of the campsite, but if you don’t have enough wood to burn, you will not get the full enjoyment. Make sure to bring plenty of wood or confirm that there is firewood on site.
  • Flashlights and Charging Source: It is good for everyone to have a flashlight and extra batteries if necessary. But most flashlights are rechargeable these days. A large charging source is becoming one of the essential items to have while camping, with all the phones and devices that people bring along. Mobile is an excellent piece of safety gear, in case you get lost or have an emergency.
  • Lighters: Starting a fire without a lighter is difficult. Disposable lighters are hard to beat for their low cost and ease of use. But your trip will be no fun if you can’t have a fire.
  • Careful Setup: before you put your tent up, have a good look around and choose an area that is not only flat and free of lumps and roots. But also that there are no insect nests under where you are sleeping, because moving camp in the night is no fun.
  • Water: You can go through water fast when you are camping, and it is a good idea to bring along more than you think you will use. You will need water for drinking, but also for washing up and dishes. If there is water on-site, find out ahead of time if it is safe to drink, but bring along some of your own anyway. One clever idea is to bring the drinking water frozen in bottles and use it as the cooling source for your esky.

The most important thing to bring on any camping trip is a good attitude and the determination to relax and not worry about the details. Things might not all go your way, but camping is supposed to be an adventure. So go with the flow and enjoy your time with friends and the great outdoors.


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