Every Traveler Deserves a Home – Airbnb Video

This is a Fashionista Events opportunity

I’m so excited to bring this to you today since – Every Traveler Deserves a Home, an Airbnb video – was filmed in Louisiana, my new adopted home.

Each of the birdhouses in the film are representations of actual bnb places that you can stay.

No creatures on earth travel quite like birds do. They soar the skies then land in new places.
They see the world from a different perspective, one to which all real travelers aspire.

This film is a celebration
of our passion for travel and the kind of hospitality that makes people feel at home anywhere.

You can check out all the birdhouses by going HERE.

Be sure to scroll down to find another clip with “behind the scenes” information.

Every Traveler Deserves a Home – Airbnb Video

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