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Ginkgo & Grace the Perfect Subscription Box for Her

Beautiful Touches was provided product from Ginkgo & Grace to facilitate this feature post.  No monetary compensation was exchanged. Any opinions are those of the author.


I was so thrilled when my subscription boxes arrived in the mail.  First Impressions say a lot, and the packaging was so sophisticated.  Crisp white boxes with a simple yellow ribbon.  Inside, the Just -Right Sized Products  were well cushioned with filler, and wrapped in the Ginkgo & Grace signature tissue paper. And what fantastic products they were indeed!


About Ginkgo & Grace

From the Founder:
After yet another surgery for skin cancer, I decided I should be taking better care of my skin. As a Baby Boomer, I was a bit late to the game, having spent way more than half my life enjoying the sun and always seeking a glowing tan for my pale skin. What I ended up with was visible skin damage and all the skin cancers.
Coupled with the ‘new normal’ of post menopausal changes, finding new skin care products became a huge challenge. I yearned for a way to try different brands without spending a fortune on experiments. Knowing that subscription boxes were quickly filling every niche market, I was convinced that the right products would appear on my doorstep if I only subscribed to one curated specifically for older women, so I put it on my Christmas list. After all the gifts had been opened, my daughter, who is extremely familiar with boxes and internet searching, revealed that there were “exactly zero” boxes for women my age! Evidently, we are a group that is invisible to the marketplace. She suggested that I build such a box and start a new company….so that is what I did.
I sought high quality products made with natural ingredients. I sought companies that care about our world and our environment. I wanted sizes small enough to try out in a reasonable period of time, without a huge commitment. And I wanted to package them artfully and elegantly with as little waste as possible.
With such a wide assortment of things to check out, going through each box was akin to a shopping spree. Everything was so high-end, that i was practically giddy with joy. From Satin Pillowcases to Scarves. Makeup to Hand Cream. Skincare to Hair Care  Brands like Evolv, Palermo Body, Humble, Native Nector, HAN, Kelia, and Nudist.

There are 4 purchase options to choose from , with shipments going out in January, March, May, July, September, and November.

Show some love to yourself, or someone special on this holiday’s gift giving list, with a boxed set from Ginkgo & Grace!  What impresses you the most, about this new subscription box offering? The products themselves, the story behind the box, or maybe that Ginkgo & Grace gives a percentage of each sale to charity?

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10 thoughts on “Ginkgo & Grace the Perfect Subscription Box for Her

  • I would love these boxes. Their products sound really nice.

  • Oh wow! these look wonderful! I bet they feel wonderful on the skin. Lovely!

  • I love the different payment options! I also think a lot of us can relate to the founders story of skin damage and spending time in the sun. Products look amazing, thanks for sharing!

  • Looks very interesting.

  • This sounds like an awesome subscription box, it would make a great gift too. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

  • I’ve given this gift to quite a few friends and clients. They all loved it. So unique!

  • This is so nice love to have this

  • Such a lovely box for pampering one’s self. Nice presentation too

  • They would make lovely gifts.

  • My husband and I usually set a limit and give each other a few choices of gifts to get each other. Sometimes it is lower and sometimes a little higher, this year I am thinking about a 3 month sub box. I can;t decide on which one though. This one looks like it needs to go on my list.


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