Guidelines for Meeting the New Year With a Renewed Zest For Life

As hard as it may be to believe, the New Year is almost upon us again, and huge numbers of individuals all around the world are already planning their New Year’s Resolutions, and are thinking about how best to hit the ground running following the next turn of the calendar cycle.

New Year’s can be a magical time for all sorts of different reasons, but most of all because of the fact that it offers the prospect of a fresh start and an opportunity to begin living more in line with your values and ideals, and in the pursuit of your dreams, while simultaneously leaving behind negative experiences, habits, and situations from the past.

Although the New Year can certainly be a magical time, however, it is unfortunately also the case that many New Year’s Resolutions end up not being fulfilled, and many individuals find themselves feeling a sense of frustration as one year bleeds into the next without much to differentiate the two.

Finding ways to ensure that you have the best possible chance of making meaningful changes in the New Year, while also meeting the New Year with a renewed zest for life, can be extremely positive and uplifting.

Without further ado, guidelines for meeting the New Year with a renewed zest for life.

Commit to doing something meaningful that you’ve been meaning to get around to for a while

First things first: one of the most powerful and significant ways of ensuring that the New Year is a truly magical time, while simultaneously helping to give you a renewed sense of zest for life, is to use the opportunity to finally commit to doing something deeply meaningful that you’ve been meaning to get around to for a while, but for one reason or another, haven’t.

Among other things, this might mean investigating Allurez engagement rings and proposing to your significant other, or taking the first steps to finally getting a mortgage and becoming a homeowner.

Over the course of day-to-day life, it all too often ends up happening that we have a variety of dreams and ambitions that are deeply meaningful to us, but that we keep putting off for “one day,” only for that day to never end up arriving.

By consistently putting off these meaningful commitments and decisions, though, we frequently end up undermining our sense of zest and enthusiasm for life, and becoming more jaded as a result.

Finally taking steps to doing those meaningful things that you’ve been putting off can make life a lot more rewarding and exciting, and can certainly help to restore your zest for life, too.

Declutter and organize your living space in advance of the New Year

There’s a lot of power in decluttering and organizing your living space, and making it beautiful and appealing – which is likely one reason why Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” has been such a great success.

Few things have the power of decluttering and tidying up your home, when it comes to helping to generate a renewed sense of momentum, and to move you past a particular rut or roadblock that you might seem to have ended up in.

By making your living space into the kind of environment that feels rich with meaning and positivity to you – and that isn’t physically cluttered with all sorts of things that you don’t necessarily want to hold onto – you can be quite sure that you will be in a much better state of mind when it comes to meeting the New Year with a renewed zest for life.

Decide to be more action-oriented going forward

In many cases, a sense of enthusiasm for life can be deeply undermined – or even stunted altogether – as a result of simply getting too caught up in your own head, and allowing yourself to end up in a situation where you just don’t take action nearly as often, or as consistently, as you ideally should.

While it’s all very well to be self-aware and to be introspective to a healthy degree, introspection can all too easily end up turning into rumination, and into an obsessive preoccupation with your own thoughts and your potentially limiting beliefs.

Zest for life, however, tends to come about when we are actually engaged with life and are out and about doing things on a regular basis – in the sense of engaging in new experiences, overcoming obstacles, meeting new people, and all the rest.

For this reason, one of the greatest gift that you can give yourself when entering into the New Year, is to simply make a commitment to be more action-oriented going forward, and to spend more time doing things, and less time thinking about doing things, on a regular basis.

When you’re too caught up in your own thoughts, to unhealthy degree, you are likely to come up with all sorts of different convincing-sounding reasons why you can’t change your career, can’t meet the right partner, can never get in shape, and so on, and so on. Before long, this frame of mind can end up completely undermining your sense of personal agency and well-being altogether.

By giving those thoughts less power to influence your life, however, and by going out and meeting people, signing up for that spin class, applying for new jobs, and so on, you can begin to revive your sense of zest for life, and the next year may be a magical one as a result.

Arrange for a getaway to reset and unwind

Sometimes, whenever we end up becoming overly caught up in a particular issue that’s concerning us in our day-to-day lives, or are simply too overworked and distracted, it can be extremely difficult – if not impossible – to maintain a balanced perspective and a sense of enthusiasm as well.

For many people, going away on vacation can be deeply enriching and eye-opening in no small part because it helps to give them a bit of distance from their problems and perceived limitations, and can allow room for viewing things from a new perspective, and with a new sense of enthusiasm and possibility.

Arranging for a getaway sometime around the New Year – either before, during, or after – can help you to experience a renewed sense of perspective and enthusiasm, and may also help to inspire you about the sorts of things you want to do going forward.

Commit to a hobby or event that you find daunting

Pre-committing to some challenge at the onset of the New Year can be a great way of adding a bit of extra energy and zest to your approach to everyday life – and can certainly also help to get you moving forward with a renewed sense of vigor.

Signing up to run a marathon or participate in an obstacle course fitness event, or to participate in a life drawing art class, are all examples of things that can help to get you out of your comfort zone, and can shake you out of a state of inertia, while helping you to be more driven and enthusiastic on a day-to-day basis.

These sorts of commitments also frequently lead to positive overall changes – and, of course, no one wants to make it to the day of the race – after having told all the family and friends that they were going to compete – only to pull out or walk away at the starting line.

Establish new habits and make accountability commitments upfront

One area where many people end up getting themselves into trouble when it comes to things like New Year’s resolutions, is by setting all sorts of ambitious goals, without focusing on establishing the right habit frameworks in order to facilitate the accomplishment of those goals.

When you are moving forward aimlessly – knowing that there’s a goal that you’re after, but not knowing what you should do to get there – this can certainly end up leading to a diminishment of your overall enthusiasm and energy.

One of the best things to do in order to help ensure that you’ll have a good chance of actually achieving your goals, while simultaneously remaining driven and motivated along the way, is to focus on establishing the right kind of habits so that you move consistently in the direction you want to, while at the same time making accountability commitments upfront, to keep you on track with those habits.

These accountability commitments may involve things like checking in regularly with your partner or relatives, or joining a club group that naturally encourages and supports the behaviors that you’re trying to develop.

The kinds of productive habits in question could range all the way from things like doing regular workouts, to consistently working on the draft of a new novel.


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