Rolls of Fabric Use Fabric to Change the Look of a Room

Fabric, as most people know, is one of the best materials to use when you want to makeover your room, or just merely changing the mood of your room.

Furthermore, there are so many types of fabrics available in the market. And we believe many people are getting confused about what specific fabrics to use. If you’re interested to learn, you can read more about fabrics here.

And because we understand how exciting and challenging this can be, we’ve compiled some ideas for you below.

How One Can Use Fabric to Change the Look of a Room

Wall Hanging

If you have a piece of fabric that is particularly beautiful or has a pattern that you want to show, try using it as a wall hanging.

Choose a large empty wall area or place, such as the top of the sofa or the top of a bed. If the fabric ravels, hem it. Fold the fabric’s top edge over in a loop and sew it.

You can prevent damages to fragile or costly materials such as an old or antique print if you use a simple running point stitch. Place two cup hooks on the desired wall that are slightly farther apart than the width of your fabric.

Furthermore, if necessary, use wall studs. If not, fit the cup hooks into wall anchors. Use a decorative object, such as a decorative curtain rod, to keep the fabric in place. Copper wire, a sanded and painted dowel rod, or comparable products may also be used.

Try to tie a cord to either end of a curtain rod or suspend the hanging from a single cup hook as a variation.

Swag Draping

Consider using draped fabric around the top of your walls if you want the softness and comfortable feel of fabric in a room but don’t want to cover a room with fabric entirely. Place cup hooks in the wall studs near to the ceiling, using every other stud. Take a long piece of fabric and spread it over the hooks of the cup loosely.

After that, pinch each cup hook with the fabric so that the hook holds the fabric in place. Pull between each hook at the bottom of the fabric so that it drops in a loose curve. You can easily add to this look; try wrapping a piece of decorative trim around the fabric in a spiral. Consider covering the fabric with a string of small LED lights for a child’s bed.

Bed Canopy

Your imagination is the limit. What you can imagine, when you work hard for it and figure out how you want it to be, will be in reality. Some fabric projects determine what kind of fabric and how much you can use.

There are those fabric projects that allow you to make something nice out of a traditional look using your imagination and creative spirit. Canopies fit the latter type of project. Furthermore, there are traditional fabrics such as silk, velvet, chintz, and tapestry that you can use to make a canopy. For centuries, these fabrics have been in use, and it is difficult to alter them.

But, you can choose whatever fabrics you want to use to make your canopy. Always remember that the type of fabric you use will depend on the theme and the area where you want to put your canopy. Its versatility allows you infinite choices that are imaginative and inventive that will make the person who occupies that room to be happy.

Upholster Walls

Nothing feels as good as fabric for cozy chic walls. With paint or wallpaper, covering walls with fabric adds warmth and a chic, comfortable texture you can’t offer.  It is also useful for sound dampening, and less than perfect walls are shielded. Upholstered walls sound as good as they appear for bedrooms, libraries, and media rooms.

Furthermore, a fabric-covered wall can be as temporary or permanent as you want. It all depends on the method you use for hanging your fabric. You can staple it, starch it, and drape it. It is a good opportunity for you to incorporate your artistic side by adding layers of fabric and combining patterns.

Cover your Couch

One simple thing to use fabric in your decoration is to add a cover for your couch. There are so many choices, from plain fabrics to fabrics with patterns. Always remember to use a color palette that can complement the whole atmosphere of the house.

In other words, cover it with the color that you want to wear rather than with the neutral thing that most people choose. The couch will be in the middle of the scene if you pick the right color for you. And never will you get tired to sit there.

Change Your Window Treatment

The most known way to change the look of your room with fabric is to change your window treatment. In making your home look new and light, curtains have an important function. You have to choose the theme, color, and design very carefully, whether you want to make new curtains or want to renovate and adjust the old curtains.

Furthermore, new curtains, which also filter the natural light into the room, could change the interior of your home. Therefore, curtains have tremendous power to improve the appearance of your home and make it look beautiful and elegant.

Hang Some Wall Art

If you think paintings and pictures are the only wall art you can use, then you’re wrong. You can use a canvas to show your artistic side. Canvas is a generally plain-woven cloth made of cotton and, to a lesser extent, linen.

Furthermore, the fabric is known as durable, resilient, and will last long. You can make it water-resistant or even waterproof by combining cotton with synthetic fibres, making it a perfect outdoor fabric.


Most of us forget that recreating something is the best way to decorate your home. You don’t have to spend a lot to change the look of your house. If you can use old furniture anyway, then use it.

Furthermore, we recommend you envision the look you wanted to save time before actually doing it, and so the design won’t conflict.  Always remember to live a house in comfort and not in style. But if you can have both, then go for it.





How One Can Use Fabric to Change the Look of a Room

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