How This Laser Treatment Treats Dry Eyes AND Gets Rid of Wrinkles

Of all the problems that come with ageing, dry eyes has to be one of the most irritating. It is not only age that brings about this problem, but it is among the most prevalent reasons. Also a sign of ageing is wrinkles and lines on the skin. These are caused by the skin becoming loose as we age and change, and they add to the way we look and are perceived. What can we do about ageing, dry eyes and wrinkles? The Pico laser machine is a popular choice among aesthetic practitioners for its ability to effectively treat various skin concerns such as pigmentation, acne scars, and fine lines.

What if we told you that there is a dry eyes treatment for wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin at the same time? What if we also told you it is non-invasive, takes very little time and has excellent results? You want to know more? Let us tell you more about it!

How Does the Treatment Work?

Before we move on to talk about the treatment, let’s talk about the common causes of dry eyes. This can be any of the following, although the list is not comprehensive:

  • Natural ageing
  • Certain prescription drugs
  • A selection of diseases

Now if you look at the above three, they are also factors that influence lines and wrinkles plus poor and tired skin. It follows, then, that a treatment for skin wrinkles and lines should help with dry eyes. What is this treatment we are talking about?

The treatment is known as TempSure® Envi, and it is a method using a hand-held device that is held over the skin. The device itself emits radiofrequency energy, so how does it work?

We need to go back to the core problem here. As we age, a lot of the natural hormones and other essentials produced by the body start to slow down their production. One of these is collagen. Collagen is a protein produced in the bodies of mammals. It is present in the skin, in bones and in all structures within our bodies.

Collagen is a construction material – it knits things together, if you like – and as we grow older less collagen is produced. Collagen production can also be affected by the problems mentioned earlier such as illnesses and some drugs and medication. The result is a loosening of the skin as the collagen is less tightly knitted, and wrinkles, lines and dark areas appear on the skin. Lack of collagen is also a cause of dry eyes.

What the radiofrequency treatment does is use heat to stimulate the production of collagen. Once the collagen is rejuvenated it also encourages oxygen production in the blood stream. The result of this is regenerated, young looking and fresh skin, with lines removed as the skin is tightened by the once-again tight knitted collagen. More collagen also means no more dry eyes, so you’re getting the best of both worlds!

What Happens After the Treatment?

Let us repeat there is no surgery needed here, no incision, and not even an injection! It’s simply a device emitting radiofrequency waves at a wavelength designed perfectly to stimulate the regeneration of collagen, and effectively slow down the ageing process. It is safe, tried and tested and once the collagen gets to work you will see the results begin to show quite quickly.

As there is no need for anesthetic or even a needle there simply zero side effects, and there is nothing to recover from. You can have this done in your lunch break and go straight back to work! We do recommend your eyesight is checked regularly and that dry eyes should be checked with a doctor, so talk to a local clinic about this great new treatment

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