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How to DIY Your Hair Color Easily?

According to the research, an average of 43 million ladies in the U.S has DIY their hair to look stylish and more beautiful. That’s why there is a wide range of hair color products, techniques, and shade options available in the market, but the issue is that it’s a little bit difficult to choose the right product and know how to DIY your hair color easily at home. Whether you’re thinking about blonde, balayage, beyond, dark brown, auburn, or highlights, we have an excellent solution for you.

In this article, we provide some easy solutions or tips to DIY hair color easily at home.

Easy Steps to DIY Hair

  1. Rinse your hair 24 to 48 hours before dying but make sure you don’t use any conditioner.
  2. Pick your favorite color that you want to dye
  3. Mix the color and developer that comes in a package very well in a bowl.
  4. Separate your hair into four different sections by using a comb.
  5. Apply color to your hair in sections but if your hair is virgin, then start applying dye at least 1 inch from your roots. However, for touch-ups, start applying the color about ½ inch from your roots.
  6. Read the instructions carefully and wait the recommended time. (Don’t leave hair dye overnight; it can make a cause or skin irritation and harmful to your skin).
  7. Wash hair until the water is clear.
  8. After that, shampoo your hair and then use conditioner for smooth and silky hair.
  9. Lastly, dry your hair and pick any style as usual.

Hair Extension Is A Good Choice

Hair extensions are a great way to DIY your hair instantly. The best quality hair extensions perfectly blend with your natural hair and provide a gorgeous look that fits your lifestyle. Different types of hair extensions are available in the market with different colors and shades, so you can choose your favorite shade or color with a perfect length according to your choice and make your friends surprise. However, black hair extensions or black clip-in hair extensions are most popular among women.

Ombre Hair Extensions and Balayage Hair Extensions

The ombre hair extensions and balayage hair extensions also a good option for those who are afraid to dye their hair. Ombre is the beautiful blending of color that is usually moving shades and tints from light to dark. While the balayage is a highlighting technique that is creating more sun-kissed and natural blended color. If you want to get a chocolate and ceramal blend, then ombre hair extension is a great choice for you, and if you want a skin tone that looks like ash blonde hair, then balayage hair extension is a great option to look more elegant.

Successful Blended Hairstyles

1) Grey Ombre Blend – Straight Lob Hair Style

The pretty grey ombre blend looks more attractive in a shoulder-length hairstyle. This hairstyle blends your hair from dark gray to shiny silver dye by using an ombre technique that looks gorgeous.

2) Blonde Highlights with Curly Messy Bob

Nowadays, messy bobs style is most trendy and fashionable. This style balayage technique is used to blend your hair from brown to blond to create a beautiful sun-kissed finish.

3) Balayage Highlighted Style with Loose Curls

With gorgeous golden highlights, this style looks very beautiful in long hair. Keep your highlights scattered to look more attractive and adorable. If you create loose curls in your long hair, then you will get the gorgeous beach-ready style that looks stunning.


DIY hair at home is the easiest and simple way to change your look. However, color your hair at home is safe if you follow the product package instructions carefully. Otherwise, you can use hair extensions to change your look and get your favorite style anytime because hair extensions prevent your hair from damaging and add length and style to your hair.

How to DIY Your Hair Color Easily?

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