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How To Give Your Garden A Burglar-Proof Makeover

Many of us lock our doors and windows, install burglar alarms, and invest in security cameras in an effort to keep burglars out, but what about our gardens? Of course, we aren’t suggesting a burglar will hop over our fences to steal our prized geraniums, but they could steal our outside décor, or cross through our gardens to get to any access points. For these reasons, we need to find ways to keep burglars out!

In order to give your garden a burglar-proof makeover, there are a number of things you can do, and these include the following.

#1: Install lighting

Not only can a well-lit garden look lovely at night, but it can also give you extra protection from burglars. 

Stone effect solar lights can create sculptural interest in your garden and shine a light on any trespassers. Hanging lamps can also give your garden decorative appeal and deter any burglars who are struggling to find a shadow. Sensor lights are useful too, as they will only light up when motion is detected, be that from a burglar or from your cat when he is returning from his nightly wander. 

Choose the outdoor lighting that both fits your budget and matches with your outdoor décor, and install them within the darker areas of your garden.

#2: Replace your trees and trim your shrubbery

Trees can be a wonderful feature in your garden, but they can also act as hiding spots for burglars. The same applies to your shrubbery, especially when it has overgrown. 

If you don’t want to remove your trees, install lights nearby to shine a light on any darker areas. But if they are already causing you problems, perhaps because they are diseased or becoming a safety hazard, call on a tree removal service to get rid of them. Replace them with something narrower, such as columnar trees, which will be harder for burglars to hide behind. 

Then do your best Edward Scissorhands impression and trim any part of your shrubbery that has overgrown. Focus on those that are growing near your doors and windows as the burglar will then have less reason to attack these entry points. 

#3: Add a few prickly plants

Now, you cold install fencing with spikes on top, but if you don’t want your garden to look like a prison yard, you might opt for prickly plants instead. Rose bushes and holly are both popular choices, as not only will they look beautiful in your garden, but they will give the burglar a nasty prick too! Check out these other defensive plants when burglar-proofing your garden, and place them near areas where the burglar is likely to gain entry.  

#4: Add gravel to your walkways

Gravel is very noisy when walked on so you are bound to hear somebody walking up your garden path. Admittedly, it could be the mailman or a nosey neighbor, but it could also be a burglar, especially if you hear the crunching gravel sound at night. Gravel doesn’t have to be a boring addition to your outdoor space as it can be purchased in a variety of colors. Pick something that you like the look of and then add it to your walkway. 

Burglars will have a harder time getting to your house if you follow these suggestions, so do what you can to deter them. Then take further precautions in your home and garden to improve your home’s security.  


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