How To Help Your Child Get College-Ready

The transition from school to college is a massive one for a teenager. Although students get more freedom in university, it comes at a cost as they need to be more conscious and responsible. The pressure can be daunting, so kids need as much support as possible at this critical juncture. You must step in as a parent and provide it to your child before heading off to college. There are no shortcuts to preparing for the eventful journey, but you can rely on these tips to help your child get college-ready.

Teach life skills

High schooling is mainly about education and knowledge, but stepping into the university requires a different approach. Students have to be on their own, so they must possess relevant life skills to survive and thrive in a new world. Things may get even tougher if your kid plans to travel to another city or country for higher education. Preparing them with life skills like cooking, laundry, and budget management is vital. Let them gain hands-on experience under your supervision so that they feel confident later.

Get down to tricky conversations

Besides teaching life skills to your child, get down to tricky conversations before they leave for college. They must understand the potential risks of being on their own. Have open conversations on difficult topics, such as drug and alcohol use, dating safety, consent, and sexual assault. Knowing the difference between right and wrong at the outset will enable your child to foresee risky situations and avoid them with good judgment. Be there for such conversations even after the kid leaves because most children require emotional support in the early phase.

Motivate and inspire

Getting your child college-ready is also about motivating and inspiring them. A positive pep talk before leaving gives them a good start. You can send them a motivational text message every morning and evening to keep their spirits high. Frame fake transcripts and hang them on the study area wall so that they have a constant view of their aim. But remember not to push the child too hard because unrealistic expectations can do more harm than good.

Provide financial support

A college education is expensive, and your child may need support if they do not get in with a scholarship or grant. Help them with funds if possible, though many parents do not have financial means. But you can still help your child get financial aid or a student loan by providing the documentation they require for applying for assistance. The process is long and cumbersome, but having your guidance can make it easy for the kid.

Encourage time management

Time is precious for college students as they often struggle with tight schedules. Managing studies and completing assignments can be challenging while handling the pressure of a part-time job and daily chores. As a parent, you can train your child by encouraging time management at home. Let them set alarms and create schedules on their own as a part of college prep.

Letting go is painful for parents sending kids to college, but it is a part of growing up. You must help your kid to make the transitional journey a smooth and happy one.

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  • It is very important to teach your kids life skills like doing laundry, cleaning house, and taking care of their space. I remember getting compliments from managers of places that my kids worked bc they knew how to do simple things like washing dishes.


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