How To Like Yourself When Looking In The Mirror

We all have those moments when we hate what we see in the mirror. We can feel we’re not good looking enough, or that those little flaws we think everyone can see are all way too noticeable. All in all, the mirror can make us feel like a terrible person when we look into it, and that’s no good for our mental health

But it doesn’t have to stay this way; after all, the mirror isn’t your enemy, and the way you see and think of yourself might just be. And you can work on that! So, let’s go through some small and simple steps that can help you on this journey to self love, and a better relationship with the mirror in front of you. 

How To Like Yourself When Looking In The Mirror

Don’t Look Every Day

The mirror doesn’t need you to look into it every single day. Of course, if you want to check yourself out quickly before you head out to work or to meet a friend, make sure you don’t look too long. But if you’re just at home, don’t look in the mirror every single day. 

And this is for a very simple reason: don’t let yourself become too acquainted with the way you look, right down to the minute details. If you do, you’ll notice even the smallest of changes about yourself, and you’ll be tracking each and every one just to make sure you’re still looking your best! Your mind will start to twist the way you look, and trick you into thinking you’re entirely asymmetrical, and you don’t want that when you’re trying to like what you see. 

Find Something Nice to Say

Self care is something we all do differently, but when it comes to looking in the mirror, you might want to think about saying some nice things to yourself. Complimenting yourself out loud can go a long way to raising your self esteem, and make a habit of being nice to yourself. 

Because when you speak something into existence, repeatedly, time and time again, your brain really does start to believe it! And if you can’t think of something nice to say, don’t give up – fake it until you make it. 

Make Sure You Smile!

Of course, make sure you smile at yourself in the mirror. Sure, you may think your smile is ugly, and you’re in need of AlignerCo to help you out with your teeth, but smiling at yourself sometimes could do a lot for helping you to feel a bit happier. Humans are designed to recognize smiles, truly deep and warm smiles, as a good thing, and it makes us feel a lot lighter and brighter. So, why not turn that power on yourself? 

The mirror is just a tool to look into and see the general picture of ourselves; make sure you keep that in mind whenever you use it. Keep the tips above in mind at the same time, as they go a long way for confidence! 


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