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How to Take Care of Colored Hair

Coloring our locks is not only fun, but it is also a great chance to change our style and refresh our appearance. Nevertheless, frequent exposure of our locks to the chemicals tat dyes contain may soon lead to such unwanted effects as dull strands, hair loss, and excessively dry chevelure.

If this is what you’re afraid most of all, we have prepared a list of hints that will allow protecting and maintaining the locks carefully and wisely.

 What Steps To Take To Have Ideal Colored Locks

Even when we get a hair color from a super professional colorist, we need to follow the correct after-dye care.  Lack of proper knowledge on how to care for your hair will lead to damaged locks.  And it means not only dealing with brassy tresses that so many women have to face regularly. When being treated wrongly, our freshly-colored locks can soon lose that shiny hue they got after the procedure!

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To avoid that, consider the basic but very necessary tips:

  1. Prep the tresses

If we want our strands to keep on being healthy after dyeing, we must get them ready for the “chemical attack” long before we visit the salon. In particular, the mane must be properly hydrated and nourished by applying hair masks and oiling the chevelure regularly.

Also, try to avoid heating tools for at least a couple of months before your head will be colored. Do not forget about regular trims as well.

       2. The right dye is a must

It is crucially important to pick up a decent product and bleaching agent. In case your mane will have to undergo a discoloring procedure, ensure that the right developer will be applied according to the natural shade of the locks. Remember: the lighter your native color the less intensive developer will have to be applied! That said if you are blonde, then 40 volume developer is not your option since it can fry the locks.

        3. Stick to the instructions

Woman with dark hair and teal colored highlights - care of colored hair

This is especially necessary when doing your locks at home. Always conduct a patch test before starting to apply the coloring mixture onto the strands to avoid any unwanted effects that will later be hard to fix! 

        4.  Don’t wash it too fast

After undergoing a coloring procedure, our locks must stay unwashed for at least two days to let the pigment set in well. Like that, the color will not be bleeding (or it will be minimal), and the mane will be properly oiled by the time of the first past-dye wash.  It is important, after any dye job, to be exceptionally careful with washing hair.  This step-by-step guide is actually one of the more thorough and better ways to wash hair.

        5. Damage must be chopped off

The exposure to chemicals always result in hair damage, and the best option is to cut that mess off. Especially if the color is changed from dark to very fair.5.Revise the products used

To help the locks stay shiny as on the day of dyeing, shift for the color-saving products. They will protect the locks from fading and bleeding creating a secure cover over the shaft. Also, if the mane was colored in cooler tones, opt for sulfate-free shampoos rather than buying ordinary color-safe goodies that are suitable for the warm-toned strands.

       6. Opt for a cool water rinse

A hot “bath” leads to frizzing and moisture loss, moreover, when being treated like that, our hair becomes more prone to damage. Instead, opt for rinsing it with cool water. It will seal the pigment in shafts and will be way less stressful for the mane.

       7. Hydrate well

Light brown hair with blonde highlights - care of colored hair

After being exposed to the aggressive chemical components, our locks often end up being dry and less moisturized. To cope with that issue, we would suggest every girl should include the hydrating procedures into the regular hair-care routine. Co-washing, oiling, and hair packs will be your mane’s best friends for that!
To make it even safer, we would recommend trying out some homemade remedies like a hair pack made of banana, olive oil, some honey, and yogurt. All of these ingredients are well-known for their moisturizing and repairing abilities, besides, they will also soothe that bothersome frizz.

Such a remedy is applied for one hour and must be spread throughout the locks from the roots to the tips. When the time runs out, simply wash it off with shampoo.

       8. More protein is always good

Especially if we are talking about the colored tresses. Of course, it is fine to go for commercial products, but why not opt for some natural treatment instead? An egg-and-mayo hair pack will have an anti-frizz effect, load the strands with protein, and it will make the tresses smoother. 

       9. Oiling 

This must become an irreplaceable part of the care routine. Oils help to seal the nourishment and retain moisture in the tresses. Moreover, they will create a protective cover over the locks to keep them safe from external exposures. 

The Best DIY Remedies For Colored Locks

Hair colored a vibrant blue - care of colored hair

Kate Holmsy shared this cool beauty insides with us:

Pumpkin and honey yogurt mask. It will make the tresses stronger and smoother attracting moisture and retaining it inside the strands.

  • Olive oil and honey mask that is delicate on the sensitive scalp and fragile colored locks. Also, It nourishes and fills the tresses with vitamins they need so much now.
  • Banana and honey will help to restore damaged and prone to breakage locks making them shinier and stronger.
  • Mayo. Yep, that simple! This condiment nourishes the skin of the head due to the presence of protein, and besides, it helps to restore the dull ends. The only trick about this remedy is that it must be applied more on the tips rather than through the whole length, but that’s easy to remember. 

These remedies are easy to make, they need no complicated ingredients, and each of these masks needs only 15 min to be applied and then washed away.

These simple steps will allow having healthy and strong strands even after multiple colorings. 

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  • Thanks for all of these tips to take care of colored hair.

  • Thanks for these tips. I’ve been known to rock a hot pink bob every so often.

  • I wish I had read this article years ago! I love bright, newly colored hair — but mine seemed to go dull all too quickly.

  • Thanks for the great tips. I knew after a perm that you can not wash your hair for 2 days. But I didn’t know that the same applies for colored hair.


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