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In the Kitchen This Holiday Season

Disclaimer: Products were received from Capresso, Zoku and Kyocera for the purpose of this review. NO monetary compensation was exchanged. All opinions stated are those of the writer.

Holidays seem to revolve around food.  So often when we have friends and family over, everyone gathers in the kitchen. Capresso, Kyocera, and  Zoku have so many products that will make your holiday preparations a breeze! Let me tell you about them.

About Capresso

“Capresso” combines the words “cappuccino” and “espresso” to produce something new and distinctive in the world of coffee. Capresso defines the ultimate in home coffee equipment with its innovative coffee makers, espresso machines, grinders, electric water kettles, iced tea makers, automatic milk frothers and care products for those who want the best.

In the Kitchen This Holiday Season
” View large Hover Over Image to Zoom Share 5 Email H2O PLUS A practical household item in a beautiful design, the H2O PLUS Glass Water Kettle showcases the innate beauty of water. This highly efficient electric kettle not only looks stunning on any countertop, but also boils water faster and uses less energy than stovetop kettles.”

This kettle is as beautiful as it is functional.  Along with the kettle they sent a box of cleaning solution!

About Kyocera

Kyocera advanced ceramic blades offer superior edge retention, holding their edge at least 10 times longer than other professional blades, including high carbon steel. Kyocera, the world’s largest manufacturer of advanced ceramic knives and kitchen tools, and was founded in Kyoto, Japan, in 1959.

In the Kitchen This Holiday Season
“The Vertical Peeler fits small, large, left, and right hands. Features an ergonomic handle and an ultra-sharp advanced double edge ceramic blade. The Vertical Peeler is dishwasher safe, easy to find in a drawer and fun to use.”

A peeler may not seem all that exciting, but when you’ve got 10 lbs. of potatoes to peel, it can be a lifesaver!

About Zoku

Zoku is a design collective that aims to create solutions for the home that make life easier & more fun. Our first product is The Zoku Quick Pop™ Maker, a revolutionary kitchen tool that freezes ice pops in 7-9 minutes.

They are so much more than just the Quick Pop™ Maker.  They have so many fun products for young and old alike. Just check out these awesome ice cube trays and water bottles!  I love them. Fun and Funtional!

In the Kitchen This Holiday Season
“”Zoku’s set of four extra large word ice is the perfect addition to any glass. The Cheers Ice Set contains four legible high-spirited words. The silicone tray is simple to fill and even simpler to remove by inverting the mold to release the cheerful ice—no rinsing required. Be the host with the most memorable toast!” “The Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle makes sure cold beverages stay that way for up to 70 hours. And hot beverages do not lose steam, maintaining heat for up to 15 hours. Designed to take a hit, this double-walled bottle is made of heavy gauge 18/8 stainless steel, yet remains easy to carry with removable paracord lanyard.”

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8 thoughts on “In the Kitchen This Holiday Season

  • I just love the iced tea maker. Thank you for the information.

  • One of the reasons I love the holiday season, I get to do a lot of cooking

  • What wonderful products!

  • Those ice cube trays are adorable and unique! I love giving gifts like that.

  • I love the look of the H2O. I’ve seen it before, I like it.

  • I really want a Capresso Tea Maker! This would be so handy to have. 🙂

  • I have always wanted a water kettle and this H2O Plus Water Kettle looks like a beauty. I just love the looks of it and hope that someday I will get one.

  • This is the time of year that I once enjoyed doing the helping to prepare…. It’s now dependent upon me to get the things done or it’s just going to have to be passed over till the next holiday. On this page, I saw some amazing items that I’ll be sure to share!


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