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Keep You Valuables Safe With AquaVault

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So, besides getting covered with sand, getting sunburned and sticky salty water (LOL – can you tell that I’m not a beach person), what’s the worst thing about an ocean side day trip or vacation?  Losing your valuables!  Your folding chairs, umbrellas, towels and coolers are probably safe from sticky fingers…but your wallet, cash, watch, and car keys, not so much.  Those small important items are what a thief is looking to grab. So, what do you do?  Always have someone being on the lookout?  That’s no fun.  AquaVault has come up with an awesome solution…for keeping those small valuable safe, while on the go.

Keep You Valuables Safe With AquaVault

About AquaVault

AquaVault® is the simple and effective solution for anyone who wants to enjoy their time in the sun without getting burned.

As Seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, AquaVault is a stylish portable safe that easily and quickly attaches to virtually all beach furniture. Don’t worry about your personal items, enjoy the water with optimal peace of mind.
Keep You Valuables Safe With AquaVault
Launching in April 2018, and modeled after the AquaVault. the new FlexSafe portable safe stays true to the original AquaVault, but now includes a redesigned combo lock, stronger cut-resistant material, and RFID layer for extra security when you’re relaxing by the water.
Chances are, no one is going steal your huge beach umbrella or your lounge chairs – at least not without calling attention to themselves.  So, when you attach your AquaVault or FlexSafe to one of them, you can enjoy your time without the constant worry of losing your possessions. You can also attach them to a ropes or railings around the pool or deck.
Keep You Valuables Safe With AquaVault

And the AquaVault and FlexSafe aren’t just for the beach…not at all.  They are perfect for any time you are on the go.  Attach to your tot’s stroller, to your bike, use in your hotel, or keep one tucked in your car.Keep You Valuables Safe With AquaVault

And when all you need is your phone and some cash…the Floating Case is just the thing.  It’s 100% Waterproof. You can even use it to take underwater photos or video.  Another awesome gadget that AquaVault makes, is a Water Resistant Solar Solar Charger & Battery Bank.  Keep one tucked away in your AquaVault or FlexSafe so you an recharge your phone anytime – anywhere!Keep You Valuables Safe With AquaVault

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Keep You Valuables Safe With AquaVault


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