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Week three and looking forward to more!

Have you been keeping track of my participation in the 2012 Back to School Back to Scrapping Get Organized Challenge? If not you can check out my previous posts:

The ScrapRack System 

Week 2 

We’ve worked on using the 4 Section System, dealing with our piles of paper, and in this post, I’ll show you what I’ve accomplished so far, and what I’m working on for  Week 3’s challenge…Embellishment Overload! Now that I’ve gathered all of my supplies into one area, and separated my papers into the 4 Section System ( see week 2), it’s been quite easy to work on putting all my embellishment in order.

My goal is to be able to eliminate this (below) completely by the end of the challenge.

Oh my goodness – what could this be?

I think that my squeals of delight when my ScrapRack arrived, could be heard for miles and miles!

How great is this!  I am overjoyed.  I’ve got my paper all separated and into the sections. The big  sturdy dividers will soon be marked with labels.

Now – to the Embellishment Overload challenge. I’m grouping  all “like” supplies together, by theme, calendar year, and color. This way, I can quickly and  easily find any materials I need. They will be put into my ScrapRack, in front of the corresponding papers.

 If you haven’t joined in the challenge yet, I bet you will now!  Remember, the online webinars are free, and you can get caught up at anytime.  If you can’t attend the live sessions, all the material and recordings are on The ScrapRack Website!  Of course, all the information can be used without having to purchase the ScrapRack.  Tiffany gives you all kinds of alternatives, so you can use items that you already have on hand.  But, I bet you’re drooling over my ScrapRack..sssshhh I’m gonna tell you a little secret. If you stick around, you’ll have the chance to win the same goodies that I got.  YEP – you will get  the chance to enter for the chance to win a Queen Cropalot Package that contains:

1 ScrapRack Base Unit with Wings
7 Spinders
1 TravelPack (Choose your color)
1 TravelPack Clear Zipper Pocket
10 SuperSized Single Storage Pages
10 Double X-Long Storage Pages
10 Triple Play Storage Pages
10 Fabulous Four Storage Pages
10 Fantastic Five Storage Pages
10 Perfect Six Storage Pages
10 Straight Eight Storage Pages
3 Embellishment Storage Pages
5 Sideloader Single Storage Pages
3 WrapAround Ribbon and Fiber Storage Pages
5 Page Planner Pages
15 Tabbed Dividers
1 Dust Cover
1 Absolute Organization DVD
This package has an RV of $361.50
I’m not telling you when I’ll be posting  the contest, because I want you to keep coming back, and I hope that you’ll join me in the challenge!
Tell me – what is your biggest challenge when it comes to organizing you scrapbooking and craft supplies?


Let’s Get Organized – Scrapbooking Challenge Week 3

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10 thoughts on “Let’s Get Organized – Scrapbooking Challenge Week 3

  1. I also have a lot of stuff all over the place. I have been trying to follow the
    challenge along with Tiffany. I have miss last weeks and need to go back
    and find out about the pictures. I have looked at the Scraprack a few times
    but I really don’t have the money for the rack right now and I have bought
    some of the pages tho and I am making them work for now.

  2. My biggest challenge–besides time–would be thinking I have conquered an area only to discover there was something hiding that still needs sorting.

  3. I am appauled at the disaster my crafting/scrapbooking items have fallen into! I have an armoir for them and attempted to use shelving systems, BUT they ended up just getting jammed in there each time I was in a hurry. This Scrap Rack in amazing! I could totally use this 🙂

  4. Not having time to finish a project in one sitting….then starting another one before the first one is finished…you see where this is going. Half done projects stacked upon half done projects…what a mess.
    You bet I’ll keep checking back to win that ScrapRack system. I need it so badly. What a great Christmas present to, well, ME! LOL!

  5. I have watched many of Tiffany’s webinars, and I still my biggest challenge is sorting print papers, it’s not the themes, Christmas (2 pieces of paper) Birthdays (1 piece of paper) etc. Those were easy enough. It’s the flowery backgrounds or the flourish prints …they may go in a section following the rainbow idea under the label “Print backgrounds by color”…If nothing else, like I never get a Scraprack, at least Tiffany got me thinking about how I scrapbook and how I think through the process of creating a page.

  6. My biggest challenge is having one area large enough to put all my scrapbooking supplies in one place to sort them out (we live in a single-wide mobile home). There is just no one area that I could use without falling over everything.

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