Locations For Those Who Love Travel But Are Lousy With Languages

Everyone loves traveling, don’t they? Nothing quite beats the buzz of packing your bags and jetting. Away from your everyday life, we have no choice but to let stress go and enjoy ourselves. It sounds like bliss, doesn’t it? Sadly, though, travel brings stressors of its own for some of us.

If you can’t learn a language, for example, you may find trips away even more stressful than time at home. That’s because you’ll struggle to communicate with anyone. Even something as simple as ordering a meal could become a source of anxiety. That alone has the power to ruin a trip. But, no matter how hard you try, even basic phrases don’t stick.

As such, you may have given up your dreams of seeing the world years ago. Any trips you’ve taken since then have been close to home and not quite as refreshing as you might like. But, it doesn’t have to be like that. It’s possible to travel to some pretty exotic destinations without ever having to speak another language. That’s because you’re lucky enough to speak one of the most widely used languages in the world. So, keep reading to find out about the wonderful locations the English language could lead you to.

The Cayman Islands


First, you may want to visit the Cayman Islands. Thanks to their status as British overseas territory, English is still the primary language in this Caribbean paradise. Yet, the climate and surroundings couldn’t be more different than those you’re used to. We’re talking white sand beaches and palm trees you can sip cocktails under. Cocktails which, by the way, you can order in the language you already know so well. This location is also famous for its scuba diving. You could take lessons without once worrying about language barriers. That’s what we call a sure way to a stress-free break.

Grand Bahama

In keeping with the idea of white sand beaches, you could also take a trip to Grand Bahama. Despite gaining independence from Britain in the 70s, the Bahamas are still English speaking. Meaning that Grand Bahama could be the ideal destination for you. This northern Bahamian island boasts again of beaches and reef-lined coves you’d never get back home. There are also some prime golfing spots here. You could book up a game without ever needing to navigate a language you don’t understand.

New Zealand

 Locations For Those Who Love Travel But Are Lousy With Languages
Image Source: Pixabay

Of course, it isn’t only small islands where English can help you out. New Zealand also boasts of the English language, and a whole load besides. If you fancy somewhere a little less off-the-beaten-track, then, New Zealand is the place for you. Unlike the other locations mentioned, the sheer size of this country ensures it has something for everyone. You could stay in bustling areas like Queensland and speak with ease to everyone you come across. Or, you could hire a car and visit the diverse landscapes New Zealand is so famous for. All without once needing to reach for that language dictionary.


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