How To Look Good In Every Selfie You Take From Now On

Selfies have taken over the world, and you’re a liar if you say you’ve never taken one. We’ve all spent countless hours opening our front-facing camera and trying to take the perfect snap. I’m not joking when I say hours, taking the perfect selfie can be a grueling process. Everyones has a camera roll filled with failed selfies as they try and get the killer picture that makes them look their best.

Keeping that in mind, I thought it would be good to provide a few beauty tips that guarantee you look good in every selfie from this moment onwards!

How To Look Good In Every Selfie You Take From Now On

Highlight Your Key Facial Features

Everyone has aspects of their face they like more than others. This can be your eyes, cheekbones, nose, lips, eyebrows; you name it! Whatever your key facial features are, you need to make them pop. If your eyes are really impressive, focus on good eye makeup to make them stand out. If you love your cheekbones, work with a good contour and highlighter to enhance it even more. You get the idea here, you’re looking to bring out your best features, so they’re the most notable parts of the photo. There are articles like this one; 7 Easy Ways To Accentuate Your Best Features, that can talk you through specific things to do depending on your face. Make your best bits stand out, and you’ll instantly see improvements in your selfies.

Keep Your Teeth Clean

Smiling with your teeth can make your selfie look a lot better. Unfortunately, your teeth can also make it look bad and be the reason you take so many. If your teeth are slightly discolored, then it leads to you adjusting the filters like crazy and taking ones with your lips closed to compare. All you have to do is keep your teeth clean, and your problems are gone. Get your hands on an electric toothbrush to clean them every day and ensure they stay white. You could even have a look at some of the products in this article; Best Water Flosser for Your Teeth in 2017, to find something that flosses your teeth. Flossing will make sure no bits of food are visible in your teeth during selfies, which is always an easy way to ruin your picture!

How To Look Good In Every Selfie You Take From Now On

Find The Right Angles

The previous two points are obsolete if you take your selfie from a bad angle. Straight away, I’m going to tell you that a low angle never looks good. Raise your phone too high, and you might create different shadows that ruin the photo. You have to play around with your phone and find that perfect angle for you. More often than not, a slightly raised one can help you look good. Hold your phone out directly in front of you, then raise it ever so slightly. It’s not too high, and it’s definitely not low.

Now, go out and apply these tips when taking your next selfie. Believe me, they may sound like simple tips, but they have a hell of an impact on your selfie game.



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