Looking Good At Work: An Essential Guide For The Modern Career Woman

In theory, appearances shouldn’t be overly important in the workplace. In reality, we can all appreciate the importance of looking and feeling your best throughout the commercial premises. After all, those elements don’t only impact your personal views; they’ll also influence the response gained from others.


The quest to look your best doesn’t need to be a daily battle, however. A few simple steps will ensure that your appearances sparkle day after day without the need for extended preparations. Try incorporating them into your life immediately, and you should see positive results in next to no time.


  • Treat your body with care. The process of beautifying yourself will become far easier when you have a better starting canvas. Improved sleeping patterns, healthy diets, and regular exercise will all work wonders for the cause. Aside from aiding your appearances at work, those upgrades will help you look your best throughout all aspects of your life. When coupled with the ample health benefits, there’s no doubt that this should be your starting point.


  • Make smarter choices regarding makeup. The workplace isn’t a nightclub, and appreciating the need for subtle enhancements is vital. Luminizers like Mary Lou Manizer by The Balm add a soft glow that can work wonders for natural beauty. Meanwhile, lipsticks and eye shadows should be kept to subtle touches too. Remember that a little does a lot, and you won’t go far wrong. Apart from anything else, this’ll save you time and money in the long run too.

Looking Good At Work: An Essential Guide For The Modern Career Woman



  • Ensure that clothing fits. The appropriate attire and styles will be influenced largely by the working environment. For example, the outfit for a shop floor will be different to that of working in a factory. Regardless of the setting, though, it’s imperative that you pick clothes that actually fit. Not only will this ensure you look and feel the part, but it can aid safety too. Just don’t forget the importance of this factor when looking at shoes.


  • Use accessories to your advantage. We all know that jewelry can inject a new sense of energy to any outfit. However, it’s important to understand the dos and dont’s of wearing those items in the workplace. Otherwise, they could cause more damage than good. In addition to necklaces and rings, you should also consider the impact of belts and bags. If those statement pieces can bring your outfits to life, then you’d be a fool to miss out. As long as you maintain a professional appearance at all times, you should be just fine.


  • Perfect your hairstyle, whether its straight, curly or up. Your choice of hairstyle will always have a crucial role to play in your overall appearance, especially in the workplace. This one element can shape your entire face while also setting the tone for your outfit. The InStyle hairstyle finder makes the process of finding a great cut and color easier than ever. When combined with the other key features above, you’ll be looking your best in (and out) the workplace every single day.



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