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Making A Garden That You Can Enjoy All Year Round

Many people focus on their gardens over the warmer months but having a garden that can bring you happiness and calm all year round is just as rewarding and achievable.

So instead of being tempted to stay inside for the winter, try some of these ideas.

Making A Garden That You Can Enjoy All Year Round

Make A Shelter

A sheltered area to sit can be beneficial no matter the time of year. Particularly over the colder months where there’s more chance of snow and rain, having a sheltered area that keeps you dry is key. Summer is no promise of clear skies so the benefit will last all year round.

Having a snug corner of the garden with weather-proof furniture is a must. When the milder months come around you can add cushions to the furniture for added comfort, and bring out the blankets in winter for warmth.

Find The Perfect Lighting

This can be just the thing to brighten up the cold winter months. Consider getting some solar-powered lighting as a great way to have lighting in your garden all year round – and to save money on the energy bills!

You can make your home into a winter wonderland with the right lights, perfect for getting cozy under a blanket and watching the snow from your patio or porch.

Invest In The Best Materials

From gardening equipment to lumber for making your own garden furniture, it is important to invest in good quality materials if you want your garden to be the best it can be all year round.

Make sure that you shop around for the right deal and the right business. Consider choosing a really great, family-run home improvement store like Kefauver. Shopping with a family business is important, and a business that has served its community for decades is one you know you can trust.

Outdoor Heating

This one is especially important for the winter! You could invest in a fire pit, for a lovely natural way to keep warm. This would also be perfect for toasting marshmallows, no matter the time of year. If you’d prefer something less smoky you can get some professionally installed outdoor lighting.

Your outdoor heating can be used all year round for those of us that feel the cold but like to spend nights out in nature.

Plant Some Evergreens 

No garden would be complete without plants! You can easily make a garden that blooms all year round. Flower plants like gardenias look very beautiful and they grow well in half shade and good moisture. This means that you will have to choose plants that are specifically suited to your region, and then choose which plants will bloom in each season. Contact Riverside garden professionals for more tips on how to enjoy your garden while making it.

If you’re in a particularly cold area plants like holly or evergreens would be the way to go to ensure your garden stays colorful all year round! Then it’s just a matter of deciding which flowers you want for the rest of the seasons. You could choose sections of your garden for each season, or mix the plants together to watch your garden transform from season to season.

However, if you are looking for a more green garden in general, using artificial grass may be the option for you. Artificial grass is a low-maintenance option for beautiful grass all year long. There is still the option to have bedding plants and evergreens around the edge of the garden which will allow you to reinforce the boundaries of your garden space.

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