Thanks to Poise for helping me manage LBL. This is a sponsored post, but all opinions stated are mine alone.  Your thoughts or experience may be different.

Cough, sneeze, have a good laugh…and dribble.  No, light bladder leakage (LBL) isn’t funny, but it’s something that many women ( 1 in 3) experience.

As we age, especially if we have given birth, LBL can become a part of our lives.  After giving birth 9 times, I can attest to this fact.  Although this isn’t the most pleasant thing to talk about, it’s important to understand that usually light bladder leakage happens ant that, there are things that we can do to help manage LBL

Using Poise® Microliners  is at at the top of my list. of Light Bladder Leakage Tips.

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Before I go on, let make it very clear that the first time you experience light bladder leakage, check with your doctor.  Until you know what is “normal” for you, you should always make sure that you do not have any underlining infections or other more serious problems.  Once you’ve gotten assurance from you health care professional, then you can move on to dealing with LBL.

We can’t avoid coughing and sneezing, and no one should want to stop laughing…so what can we do?  Well, here are some Light Bladder Leakage Solutions.  Strengthening pelvic muscles is a great first step.  There are very easy exercises that one can do at just about any time.  Just research Kegel Exercises, and you’ll be able to find a lot of helpful information.  Next, be sure that you are getting plenty of liquids – yes this sounds contradictory, but it’s very very important.  AND, to feel comfortable and confident, use Poise® Microliners .  These are so thin, you won’t even notice them!

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These Poise® Microliners may be thin but they really work. They come individually wrapped, so that you can tuck them inside your purse, wallet, briefcase or even just place then in the pocket of your shirt, jacket or pants.

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So go ahead – laugh without worry because Poise® Microliners have got you covered!

Go HERE to request a free sample!

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Remember – go HERE to request a free sample.


Managing LBL, Light Bladder Leakage with Poise

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