When you’re nestled in your house during the winter time, you don’t want to think of something breaking that makes your inner paradise a ‘winter wonderland’ you never wanted to visit. However, during winter, our houses are more likely to need to undergo repairs and checkups to make sure you stay safe and sound, and most importantly, warm. For the short time in which we have whilst winter is approaching this year, read over a few quick tips on what to look over to keep your house perfectly cosy.

Bathroom Pipes

First and foremost, your bathroom health is the number one spot for winter checks. If you have leaky pipes they can quickly freeze over in frigid air, especially when you’re not around with the central heating on. Check out this guide on how to replace a hose bibb if you need the help, and keep your bathroom up to its usual standards. Bathrooms can get pretty cold without any aid from leaky taps or pipes!

Quick Ways To Keep Your House From Freezing In Winter

You don’t want to have to have a callout during this period due to higher rates and waiting times. Get any bathroom maintenance in before you know a snowstorm will hit, and be vigilant in your weather checks!

Invest In Some Good Curtains

Quick Ways To Keep Your House From Freezing In Winter

Everyone has some curtains or blinds over their windows to block out the night or the sun when it gets too much. Yet in the winter time these drapes need to be thick for the ultimate benefit.

Thermal curtains are a great investment for this, and seeing as curtains can be easily removed and put up again this won’t take too much effort either. They’re also energy efficient, so you can relax better in your house watching the snow blaze outside knowing it’s not at an extra cost to you. Velvet and Tweed materials are heavy duty and best for these purposes, giving your usual satin or sheen curtains a break for the season, which also puts their material in better health.

Clean Out The Radiators

Quick Ways To Keep Your House From Freezing In Winter

Radiators are the main port of call when it comes to keeping warm. You might move your favourite chair next to one to read in comfort, and if you have a pet they often sprawl out in front of one.

To keep these little creature comforts a reality, make sure you bleed your radiators regularly to keep the water fresh and warm. You’ll also need to make sure there’s nothing blocking your radiators on the outside as well. So if you do move around your furniture, place it so it’s productive for you and not simply a waste of valuable heat.

Your house in winter doesn’t have to be impractical when it comes to style. You can fit your mini home improvements for the colder weather around your designs! These won’t cost you an arm or a leg either, with the curtains being the only money you’ll need to spend. This is for a good cause however, so you won’t feel guilty about it either.

Quick Ways To Keep Your House From Freezing In Winter

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