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Secrets to Making Your Place Smell Amazing All the Time

Did you know that the smell is one of the strongest senses and one of the things the human mind just can’t ignore? Well, as soon as your guests enter your house, they will definitely notice all the bad and unpleasant smells! However, even though you have a busy life and can’t conduct a thorough house cleaning every day, at least your home can smell fresh and seductive! Here’s how you can make your place smell pleasant and relaxing at all times.

Choose a strong candle

Secrets to Making Your Place Smell Amazing All the Time

Most people reach for a scented candle when they want to add some pleasant smells to their homes and they are making the right choice. Scented candles are very easy to handle, are quite cheap, widely available and create good results. However, don’t be shy when choosing your scented candle! Opt for the one that smells strongly before getting lit. This means that the product has a high scent “throw” as they say it in the industry and will be able to really fill your space.

Candles aren’t your only option

Secrets to Making Your Place Smell Amazing All the Time

And even though they are the most popular option, scented candles aren’t your only option when it comes to scenting your space! They can even be completely dangerous for you, especially if you have small kids and curious pets that are known to touch and sniff things they are not allowed to touch and sniff. For instance, you can get some pretty handy linen sprays that will refresh your couch and blanket after a lazy weekend of Netflix and takeout. You can also invest in essential oil diffusers that will make any smaller space smell amazing. Plus, they will boost your relaxation while you’re taking a bath or help you have a good night’s sleep after a long day! Basically, you can find diffusers and sprays at the same place where you get your candles—every store that sells bath and body products sells these little aromatic thingies. However, some retailers like T.J.Maxx have these products available for very low prices!

Incense is back in business

Many people associate incense with cheap stores and coffee shops in Amsterdam. But, today we have so many different choices of incense that are completely chic, beautiful and smell amazing! For instance, check out some incense cones—they are a perfect conversation starter.

Go old-school

If you have a crafty mother or grandmother, you’re probably familiar with this particular way of scenting your home. Just take a small pot, heat up some water and add all sorts of aromatic herbs, fruits and spices to the mix. As the mixture heats up, it will start permeating a gorgeous smell all throughout your space! There are many stove simmer recipes online, but feel free to experiment with your own concoctions and ingredient combinations!

Clean out your air

Secrets to Making Your Place Smell Amazing All the Time

If your air is full of nasty particles that trigger allergies and induce asthma attacks, you’ll never be able to achieve a Zen vibe in your space. So, before you light up all those candles and incenses, make sure to get a good HEPA air purifier that will remove all the impurities from your air and make it clean and refreshing. Plus, you’ll breathe much more easily and sleep like a baby, especially if you suffer from any respiratory diseases or annoying allergies. Another thing you can do is fill your home with indoor plants. They can help your air purifier clean the air, have a good effect on your mood and give your place a few pops of color!

Opt for the right kind of aroma

There’s no use talking about which aroma is the best because we all have different tastes, but usually woody scents have a great effect on the space. They make the place smell elegant and sophisticated when compared to fruity aromas that can be a bit too saccharine. Notes of wood, spice and even smoke can elevate your home’s atmosphere to a whole new level.

Fire up your oven

However, if you want to awaken someone’s appetite or put people in a festive mood, fire up your oven and whip out some freshly baked goods! You can go as simple as banana bread or cookies and still fill your house with mouthwatering smells (and end up with some yummy goodies).

Remove the bad odors All the scented candles in the world can’t help hide some odors, so make sure to get rid of these bad smells instead of masking them. Damp quarters like bathrooms are perfect for bacteria and mold growth that will give your space a musty smell that is everything but pleasant. Another usual suspect is your pets, especially your cat’s litter. There’s nothing stronger and stubborn than old cat urine, plus it’s extremely unhygienic! Cooking is also known to stink up the place (fish is especially potent). So, as soon as you start cooking, open up a window, turn on your fan or your air purifier and light up a candle.

If you try at least two of these amazing tricks, your place will always smell delicious and cozy, even if you happen to neglect your cleaning a bit!

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