Window with no curtains or blinds -Blinds Are Broken

You might think it’ll never happen to you, but trust us–it can. Whether your blinds got bent out of shape or if your pet got tangled in them and needed an emergency rescue, there’s always a slim chance that something will happen that breaks your blinds and exposes your window to the neighbors.

In a situation like this, you’ll want to fix the issue as quickly as possible so that people can’t spy on your home. This could open you up to many security risks, and you’d be surprised at how awkward it feels knowing that one of your windows is completely bare.

So in this article, we’re going to offer a couple of solutions to help you remedy the situation when your blinds are broken.your broken.

Do you still have a curtain rail?

Many people get rid of their curtains during certain times of the year and leave just their blinds on. If you still have your rail curtain, you may want to consider placing the curtains back on and keeping it shut if you’d prefer to keep your privacy. Do be careful when installing a curtain because you may need a step ladder and some assistance if it’s fairly high up. The last thing you want is to suffer an injury from just replacing your blinds.

Get on the phone and call someone

Whether it’s a service like Next Day Blinds to help you get a replacement as soon as possible or a contractor to have a new blind installed, it’s important to contact someone as soon as possible if you won’t be able to perform a repair or fix on your blinds. You could even contact a friend or family member for assistance if you’re not particularly good with home DIY things such as replacing blinds.

Are the blinds incapable of covering anything?

If it’s only the bottom half of the blind that is mangled, or if they can still open and shut to some extent, then you may want to just leave it be so that you don’t end up making the situation worse. If the room that your broken blinds expose isn’t that important or rarely has anyone in it, then you don’t really need to do much outside of just letting it be and waiting for a replacement or repair. It may look unsightly, but you don’t want to make the situation any worse.

Emergency DIY options

Lastly, if it’s an emergency and you really need to cover up your windows despite your mangled blinds, make sure you grab something large like a tarp or bed sheet and cover up your window. Try to tie it to areas such as a curtain rail or sturdy parts of the blinds so that it stays in place. In some cases, you may need to use something like tape to keep your cover in place. This will look awful, but it’s the last resort to ensure that you can protect your privacy at home while you wait for a replacement.


So Your Blinds Are Broken–Now What?

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