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Sprucing Up Your Home Exterior

Fall is here, and so is your need for house maintenance. So there may have been a bit of a build up, and now there’s about 5 to 10 years worth of mildew, moss, and stains on the bricks of your house. With winter on the way, there’s a lot of house and garden keeping to do to make sure everything is ready for the cold season, and will still look good on the other side when spring arrives. So now’s the time to spruce up your house’s exterior for a winter wonderland you can hang all sorts of light patterns on. Here’s a few tips on what to tackle.

Sprucing Up Your Home Exterior

Trim Back Those Bushes

If you have plants and trees outside your house, congratulations, you’re guaranteed to have a nice looking exterior that has an artful twist about it. Yet, depending on your personal taste, sometimes these plants can get a little unruly and just ruin the aesthetic of the neighbourhood.

With winter coming up, a lot of the taller plants are going to lose their leaves and become dormant for the season, so shape and style them whilst you can. Shears and chainsaws are going to be the fastest way to do this, so look up chain cutting and get the best deals and ideas on the equipment you need.

Break Out the Pressure Washer

Pop your safety glasses on and fire up the hose, it’s time to pressure wash. Pressure washing is good for a variety of reasons, and can be used on almost every surface of a house’s exterior.

If you have driveway, and there’s quite a few stains where tyre tracks have been left, pressure wash it to remove those and extraneous materials. This works for most driveway types, but be sure to check.

A pressure washer can also be used to clean the siding on a house, but don’t put too much power behind your blast. You don’t want to accidentally blast away any plastering or the siding that’s being held precariously together near the roof waiting to be fixed.

When it Comes to Repainting

Sprucing Up Your Home Exterior

If you’re looking to apply a new thick coat of paint to your exterior walls, cleaning them up is one of the biggest steps. Make sure all walls get a good blast of water, and then fix any cracks or holes you see with a filler that’s right for each material you find these imperfections in.

Then use caulk to properly seal everything in and make sure that you have the best shot at insulation for the colder season. You never know, you may finally fix that draft that’s been plaguing you for months. Using a paint sprayer would be the most effective way to apply a new coat of paint, so do this a couple of times to make sure the color sticks.

So there you have it; there’s plenty to do for the exterior this fall season that’s approachable and completely attainable, no matter your redeo skill level.

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