I was craving Mint Tea… Trying to soothe my throat and kick this cold!

But ALAS! No Mint Tea bags! I have been growing it in my garden… But I’m not really up to harvesting right now.

I sat staring at the Starlight Mints in the vase on the coffee table… Why do I always buy so many?!?
Always left over….

BINGO! Why wouldn’t a Starlight Mint make a cup of hot tea? It will! And at 20 calories ( + or – depending on the manufacturer) and lots of mint flavor it’s perfect! 

So 1 cup of water and 1.5 minutes in the microwave.. A couple of stirs.. Dissolved! A perfect cup of Spearmint Tea! Delectable! Pale green, plenty of mint flavor, and just sweet enough… Not too sweet!

Well Starlight  have been raised yet another rung for me…
Once a lowly candy, now the delicious ingredient in a tasty cookie, 
Ornaments for the tree, and decorations on trays for holiday goodies…

And now the “tea in my water”!

Starlight Mint Tea
Soothing Tea made with Starlight Mints


Starlight Mint Tea Homemade

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