The Latest Skincare Trends for 2020

Is it real that we are slowly approaching 2020? It seems like yesterday when we had to give a chance to thick eyebrows, and now, it’s time to think about the skincare and makeup trends for the new decade already? Well, it seems so, and who are we to say otherwise? Anyhow, skincare and makeup trends change over time, and next year is not going to be much different. Most of the trends lately revolved around sustainability and diversity, and there were trends that will probably not go away that easily either.

So, what is the trick and how to become a bit more acquainted with all the skincare trends that you will rock next year? Take a look:


The Latest Skincare Trends for 2020

Even though it is not a particular product, the idea of sustainability has reached the beauty market and it seems that it will be an even bigger trend in the future and affect different brands and different products. The whole #passonplastic campaign has really proved itself fruitful, and it is our job to keep like that. Luckily, many different new and original brands have appeared, catering for something unique and most importantly, environmentally friendly. Apart from the idea of not using plastic, there is the idea called “water-less beauty”, which has the minimization of water consumption as a goal. Some big brands, such as L’Oreal, have already committed to a 60% reduction in water consumption by 2020. This is why you should keep your eyes open for dry products next year, such as powdered cleansers and dry sheet masks.

#teeth whitening

The Latest Skincare Trends for 2020

Lately, one of our biggest concerns has become the color of our teeth. Of course, it has always been very nice to have pearly white teeth (but not too white as it does look quite fake), and because of that, many different procedures and products have been invented. After different creams and pens and lamps that make your teeth white, it is time to focus on something that is a bit more natural, such as pastes and creams that are made using activated charcoal. It might sound unusual that black is the new white, but this is definitely something you need to keep an open mind about. What you can do is find the best beauty shop with an amazing offer of activated charcoal toothpastes and get yourself at least one, simply to see if it works for you. Spoiler alert: yes it will, as it is a great, easy and effective way to both brush your teeth and keep them healthy and white at the same time.

#diversity of brands

One brand does not make the whole beauty world. Neither do two brands, and this is exactly what is trending in this business right now. The diversity of brands is huge, and all of them have something unique to give to the world. Mainstream cosmetic brands never cater to all tastes, but this is why there are smaller companies that really do pay attention to extensive color ranges and ethnicity groups.

#ampules and #capsules

The Latest Skincare Trends for 2020

Your favorite moisturizer, cleanser, or any other product for that matter, usually comes in a plastic bottle, and a bit more rarely in a glass one, but one thing is the same – you can use that product more times than one. Well, 2020 will see an increase in all skincare products packed in ampules and capsules, but why is that? Is that really necessary? Even though it might raise the price a bit, the ampule option is better as it will include just the right amount of skincare product you need, and it will be packed in a glass ampule or capsule which will help retain its freshness and nutrients.   Higher doses of niacinamide australia, can help improve skin moisture, texture, and pigmentation.

Just like in the fashion and makeup world, the trends in the cosmetics and skincare world change as well. We might not have our eyes constantly open to see that, but products change and so do new procedures and packaging. All of this, though, is a good thing as not only will we be able to take care of our skin in a better way, we will also learn how to be even more sustainable and diverse.



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