The Top 6 Wedding Ring Trends For 2021

So, your big day is round the corner? And you’re looking for one of the most prominent components that will be a part of your whole married life- The Wedding Ring!! Well, in that context I must say that whether your choice is more towards the non-traditional side or you just want to opt for an exclusive and unique wedding ring, 2021 has brought innumerable options for you.

You can find many types of wedding rings in the market stating from the ones that are embellished with colorful stones to the stunning vintage designs. Ensure that you could use the best jewelry coupon on CouponsMonk while shopping online to save some of your precious bucks.

Moreover, I am here today with the five most exquisite designs of wedding rings available in the market now to make the whole episode of finding a perfect one for your partner an easy and convenient one.

So, let’s get started!!

1. Colored Diamonds

If you want to give a modish touch instead of the traditional style then a colorful diamond is one of the best options to choose from. The pretty and stunning fancy colored diamonds like yellow or pink creates an extraordinary look without being too much over the top.

Moreover, if you have a bold choice then you can either go for a black colored or chocolate diamonds which just look absolutely fantastic!

2. The Quirky Halos

Halo Diamond Ring
Halo Rings

The halo settings is something that has captured the market of wedding rings for quite a longer period of time. And it is still the talk of the town in 2017. The row of dazzling diamonds which remains in the surrounding of the ring attracts the attractions towards the quintessential look of the center stone as well as even make the whole ring look big in size.

Now, in the current year there have been few remarkable modifications in such designs like the vintage trends and geometric as well as expensive halos which make them look yet more striking!

3. Scrollwork Settings

Scrollwork Ring Set
Scrollwork Settings

This type of wedding ring is extremely on-trend nowadays. And why should it be not that even? The extremely organic look of this type of ring with a vintage touch in it is just awesome! Moreover, the ornate-setting as well as the scrollwork give a yet more astoundingly playful and unique feel. So, this will be just more than perfect for your beloved life-partner!

4. The Classic Twist

At the first glance, this type of rings look very simple but there’s more in such rings than what meets the eyes. You can see the prongs around this type of ring a
little bit twisted in such a way that it would fall at the same position where 12, 6, 3 and 9 fall in a clock.

Moreover, you can even find in some unique designs that the diamonds which lie on the bands are twisted around the same in spite of lying in the same straight row. That’s how these rings get an outstanding look!

5. Double Shanks

Won’t it look immensely spectacular if you can find a band of diamonds in your wedding ring? Well, when you go for such a double shanks wedding ring you’ll not only get one but also multiple bands of tiny diamonds embedded in it. It’s just simply pretty and a ring of such a design will look more architectural and give a unique, elegant and trendy feel.

So, make sure that before you finally decide the wedding ring that you want to buy, you’ve the aforementioned designs in your mind. I can assure you that if you choose any of these designs, your wedding ring will certainly end-up becoming the center of attraction!!

6. Classic Wedding Rings

Set of Classic Wedding Rings
Classic Wedding Rings

Essentially a classic wedding ring is made up of a plain metal band or a diamond encrusted eternity band. In 2021, you still can rock traditional rings on your wedding day. There are many men’s wedding bands made from different metals, that is, gold, palladium, diamond, platinum, tungsten and titanium. Classic Diamond gold wedding rings can be made of rose gold, white gold or yellow gold.

The Top 6 Wedding Ring Trends For 2021

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