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Hidden Health Hazards In Your Workplace

It’s possible that your job could be damaging your health without you even realizing. Below are some of the hidden health hazards to look out for in your workplace and how to protect your health against them.

Hidden Health Hazards In Your Workplace

Sitting down all day

Many jobs including desk jobs and driving jobs involve a lot of sitting around. Being sat down all day definitely isn’t good for our health. A lack of exercise can lead to issues such as weight gain, poor circulation, diabetes and joint disease. 

Taking a stand isn’t always an option. You can’t stand up while driving a van or truck, and although standing desks exist, your employer may not always let you have one. That said, you can try to make up for a sedentary lifestyle by being active on your lunch break and by being more active in your free time. Daily exercise could help to fend off any health problems. 

Poor ergonomics

Poor ergonomics can lead to repetitive strain injuries, headaches and fatigue. Leaning over a desk for instance can lead to a bad back, while not having a keyboard at the right height could lead to joint pain in the wrists. 

If you’re going to be in the same position for a long time, you need to make sure that it is comfortable. In an office this could include making sure that your desk is in the right position so that you’re not having to twist or lean forward. If you drive for a living, it could be important to adopt a healthy driving position.

Loud noises

Constant exposure to loud noises can cause issues such as hearing loss and tinnitus. This can be a problem in work environments such as construction sites, airports, factories, music venues and nightclubs. According to the experts at Ghitterman, Ghitterman & Feld, if you or anyone you know suffers from loss of hearing due to constant loud noises, you should make a rightful workers’ compensation claim. 

If noise levels are unhealthy, your employer should ideally supply earplugs or ear protectors. If they don’t supply ear protection, consider wearing your own earplugs to reduce noise. This could help to protect your ears from damage in the long run. 

Unclean air

Many work environments have unclean air such as factories, bakeries and workshops. Even offices can often have poor air quality due to lack of ventilation and high levels of dust. This can lead to the development of respiratory problems in the long run. 

In work environments with renowned poor air quality it could be worth wearing a mask. It could also be worth talking to an employer about cleaning and ventilation if you feel that this is a problem.


Stress is something that is experienced in almost all occupations. Too much stress can wear down the body and has been linked to the development of diseases such as heart diseases, hypertension, Alzheimer’s and even cancer.

If you’re stressed daily at work, it could be worth talking to your employer. Sometimes it can be worth taking a break or taking on reduced responsibility for the sake of your health. It’s also important to try different ways of reducing stress such as meditating, listening to music or exercising. 


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