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Top Gardening Options You Can Choose From

You may be wondering about the various options that are available to you when it comes to gardening. This is especially true if you are a newbie at this. A common assumption that some persons hold is that once they start with one method, they can very well stick to it. But this should not be as there are a lot of options for you to pick from.

Over time, gardening techniques and styles have evolved and become more suited to the current times. Such that, you can have a nice garden even if you have limited space. You may incorporate various forms of gardening in your space at the same time and make the most of it.

Therefore, whether you are new to all these or are just on the lookout for new styles, this article got you covered. Below are some of the various gardening options which you may choose from.

1. Raised Bed

This happens to be among the hottest gardening style at the moment. This method owes its popularity to its ability to make your yard look stylish. Another perk it offers is soft soil that is a lot easier to take care of. Also, controlling weeds is made easier as well.

There are other sub-styles under this style which you may choose from. Visit here https://www.thespruce.com/raised-bed-garden-ideas-4172154 to find out some of these styles. Furthermore, you can cultivate almost any kind of vegetable when you use this style.

However, there is a downside to this method as you would need a place to keep the bed. A large or small yard can be used for this technique; however, after a while, you would need an outdoor growing place.

Top Gardening Options Small Square Foot Vegetable Garden

2. Traditional In-ground Method

When the word gardening is mentioned, some persons tend to imagine a little piece of tilled ground that produce like fruits and vegetables are planted in. This happens to be a perfect picture of what the traditional in-ground technique looks like.

It does not matter if your plot is large or small, this method can work for you. However, this option would involve you getting your knees and hands soiled; so, if you are not up for that, it may not be the best option for you. One great perk this method offers is that you can plant virtually anything. The only thing is that you would need to take proper care of both the soil and garden if you opt for this option.

3. Hydroponic Gardening

Technology has been able to affect all sectors of life and luckily, agriculture is not left out. It is due to this that today we can boast of hydroponic gardening. This method entails a setup that is used to grow plants in a scientifically manufactured solution instead of growing them in the soil. The solution typically contains substances that would give the plant the right amount of oxygen and nutrients they need to grow.

However, you would still need light for this method; grow lights or natural light could work. A small set-up can suffice, but if you wish to grow a wide variety of plants, then you would need more room. Therefore, if your space can contain a hydroponic setup, then this method may be the perfect one for you.

A major perk of this technique is that you can cultivate any plant regardless of seasons as far as you offer the plants the correct protection from other natural elements.

Hydroponic Vegetable Garden

4. Container Method

This method can be used regardless of whatever location you happen to be in. Just like the name implies, it involves cultivating your crops in containers.

You do not need something grand as even buckets can suffice. You may also decide to use planters or tower gardens; however, make sure you only go for the best tower garden to ensure efficiency. Container gardening is a perfect choice for crops like peppers, green beans, root vegetables, tomatoes, and lettuce.

If your home has a balcony or patio, then you can consider growing smaller species of corn. As we already said, this technique works for any location, so even if your residence is quite small, you can make gardening work for you.

5. Vertical Gardening

Vertical Garden

This method gives us so much joy because it is clear evidence that people can own a garden despite where they decide to live.

You may have a deep passion for gardening or maybe you simply enjoy planting and eating fresh food, but situations like a job may have you living in the city. Luckily, you do not have to give up your gardening desire simply because of this. Thankfully, with this vertical technique of gardening, you can cultivate your crops on your patios, balconies, and indoors.

All you need for this method is a pouch. If you want to have your garden indoors, then you would need a vertical set that has to grow lights.

Unfortunately, what can be grown with this method is quite limited. Also, a crop that is very heavy or that needs a lot of soil to grow would not work with this method. However, if you are looking to grow lettuce and fresh herbs, then this technique would be a perfect choice for you.

6. Upside-Down Method

Planting crops upside-down is an interesting and wonderful approach to gardening that helps you maximize your space. Traditionally, this method is used to cultivate tomatoes, so if you are considering planting some tomatoes and you do not have enough space, you can adopt this technique.

Some containers are specifically designed to grow tomatoes upside down, so, you may get one of them. You may also decide to make the bucket by yourself.

7. Aquaponics

Aquaponics gardening is another contemporary gardening style. You would need an appropriate set-up for this technique; however, it is a style that is quite fascinating. The idea this method envisions is to make farming both vegetables and fish simultaneously possible.

In this method, fishes are put in a pool of water, and then plants are cultivated in the water. Both organisms would then form a sort of symbiotic relationship where the fishes’ waste feeds the plants, and the crops clean the water and make it habitable for the fishes. You can read this to learn more about aquaponics gardening. You can use this technique for either a small or large scale; this makes aquaponics a viable choice for anyone despite the land available to them.


Having a garden is a wondering thing as not only would you enjoy the delicious results; they produce but you would also have a hobby that would keep you occupied for hours. So, if you are looking for some gardening options which you may choose from, this article is a great place to begin your search

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