Tips on finding the right razor blade

If you have been using the same razor for a long time now but see no difference in your shave, it might be a good time to change the razor blade. With the wrong razor blade, the hair might not seem to get cut uniformly and you might need two to three passes even in case of a gentle blade. There are chances the blade is either too sharp or too dull for you. You need to change the blades of your razor from time to time in order to maintain its effectiveness. The best razor blades are made by Feather Razors in Japan

When to change the razor blade?

There are no specific rules you need to follow when it comes to changing the blades in the razor. There are different brands of razor blades which last different period of time. Most blades last between three to seven shaves and those with a thicker beard might need a change between three to five shaves. If you have a thicker beard, you know that the blade is working hard to give you a good shave. It also depends on your personal preference; there are many men who change their blades every few days while there are many who wait for the blade to be completely worn out before changing. You need to use your judgment on when to change the blade. If it becomes difficult to glide it through the hair and there is an uncomfortable tug on your face, you know it is time. Again, if you have to go over and over in the same area, the blade has worn out. Basically, you will be able to tell if the blade needs a change when it stops giving you the kind of shave you prefer. If it does not feel smooth or nice, you need to change the blade. Once you know the number of shaves you can have in one blade, you will get used to the process. Sometimes you might get a blade that does not perform at all, in this case, you need to choose a different brand altogether.

Tips on choosing the right blade

There are a number of things you need to keep in mind when choosing a blade for the razor. First of all, you need to consider the type of shave you prefer. If you like a clean shave, you will need a sharp blade for it. If you like slight stubble, you can use a mildly sharp blade which will ensure that the stubble remains and the rest of hair are easily pulled out. Next, you need to consider the type of hair on your face. For a thin and light hair, even a dull blade can handle the task but for thick, coarse hair, it is important to use a sharp blade. Lastly, consider your skin type. Sharp blades cause redness and irritation on sensitive skins. Hence, the skin type and the type of hair will help decide on the perfect blade for a good shave. Male grooming products offer a number of products to choose from. However, Gillette Fusion blades have dominated the industry for a long time now.

Gillette has become a major name in the men’s fashion industry with marketing and advertising. A lot of commercials show the perfect shave that a Gillette blade can help achieve, but the cost of the same is on the higher side. This means it is not easily affordable by one and all. The cost of manufacturing the blade is much lower than the selling price; this means the consumers are made to pay for the marketing efforts undertaken by the company. The company also has a high-profit margin on every blade. Due to limited alternative options available in the market, most men preferred to use Gillette blades even if it burnt a hole in their pocket. The Colonel’s Journal offers high-quality blades at a much lower price. Their blades are manufactured in the same manner as any other blade in the market and they deliver it to your doorstep. The blades are ideal for sensitive skin and will help achieve a clean look in no time. They offer a subscription-based service where the razors, as well as blades, are delivered to your doorstep from time to time. You do not need to rush to a supermarket to get a new blade. You just need to know when the blade has worn out and requires replacement. It is an affordable and effective alternative to using the expensive blades and razors.

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