Top 4 Materials For Your Kitchen Countertops in 2022

What’s the most notable part of your kitchen? That’s right, the countertops. They present striking aesthetics that can make or break the interior design of this room. Moreover, they’re also extremely practical as you use them every single day while cooking. 

Consequently, you must make the right decision when choosing which materials to use for your counters. Plenty of options present themselves, but these are the top four trending ideas in 2022…

Top 4 Materials For Your Kitchen Countertops 


Quartz countertops are extremely popular in lots of modern homes. This engineered material presents a host of pros and cons. It brings a high-end look to your kitchen, and you can get it in a lot of different colors and designs. Quartz is also the easiest material to clean as you only need a bit of soap and some warm water. Heat resistance makes it perfect for the kitchen, but the big drawback is the price. It’s easily the most expensive option, making it a no-go for families on a budget. 


Marble is a natural stone that can be forged to create some truly stunning counters. Out of all the options available, you’ll struggle to find a more luxurious look than marble countertops. They are also heat-resistant, and they are more affordable than quartz by quite some distance. A lot of new homes are built with marble counters in the kitchens, but they do come with a lot of maintenance. You need to seal them at least once a year to prevent stains. Other than that, this is a mighty fine option.


Like marble, granite is a natural stone – though it is harder and sharper. This allows it to provide some more extreme looks that are very bold and colorful. Granite comes in loads of different shades, and it’s almost like a natural alternative to quartz. Again, these counters are resistant to heat, which is essential in kitchen environments. Just like marble (yet again), there is some maintenance required here in the form of annual sealing. You also need to pick and choose the cleaning materials for granite counters; some products can damage the surface. 

Solid Surface

This is one of the fastest-growing kitchen counters out there. Solid surface has a boring name, but it’s an engineered material that uses acrylic. Plenty of homeowners are choosing this material because it is so cheap. This allows you to improve your kitchen with some affordable new counters, while also enjoying the benefits of more colors and patterns than the previous selections. The only negative is that it isn’t a heat-resistant material. Yes, this feels counterproductive in a kitchen, but if you put a heatproof mat on the counter before placing hot things on it, then you’ll be fine. 

Which one of these options stands out the most to you? It’s a good idea to have a look at websites or visit showrooms to see all of these materials up close and personal. Then, make your decision based on which one would look the best in your kitchen!

13 thoughts on “Top 4 Materials For Your Kitchen Countertops in 2022

  • I will keep these in mind. We do want to change our counters. They are ugly and brown.

  • Thanks for sharing these options, I have to look into getting this done.

  • We have granite and my mom has quartz. We both love them! Great investment.

  • We have granite counters but these others sound like great choices. I will consider them for future projects.

  • I have laminate countertops at the moment. Not sure if I’ll change them anytime soon. I’d like to redo the cabinets before I never thought about adding new counters

  • Wow! These are all really great and perfect options! I think granite would be the best! Love it!

  • I just want all my counters to be butchers blocks. I have a bad habit of cutting everything directly on my table.. I know its so wrong!

  • Every material looks great and good for our kitchen. But I would prefer using the granite as this for me will have an amazing countertop that will blend perfectly.

  • It’s good to know the differences. Installation of the kind you favor most can bring years of joy.

  • I ahve my eyes on a John Boos Block countertop…. It is perfect for my farmhouse style kitchen 😉 These are all great suggestions…..

  • We bought granite countertops about 20 years ago, and they still look great. The company who installed them said we wouldn’t have to reseal them, so we haven’t.

  • When we bought our house, we went for a cheaper countertop. I do wish we had gone with stone countertops.


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