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While the current travel situation has almost come to hold as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, now’s the perfect time to plan for your future trip. Why planning? Because keeping hold of your stuff when you’re traveling and finding everything you need in a matter of seconds can be hard work. Nobody enjoys emptying their handbag at the airport to find their flight tickets or being forced to expose your underwear to bystanders when you open your luggage to grab a cardigan on the plane. 

But you can wave travel panic goodbye with these simple tips and tricks that guarantee organized storage for everything. 

Travel organization – 101

Ahead of the journey

Wait, I’m sure I put the tickets in my bag. It’ll be just a minute, bear with me. 

How do I get from the airport to my holiday rental? 

When do I need to check-in for my return flight? 

So many questions! Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, keeping all your travel information is tricky. You can download the CheckMyTrip app, which is free to use on iPhone and Android smartphones. The smart application holds all your trip data in one place, combining flight information with hotel bookings, car rental, and real-time itinerary updates. Ultimately, when you keep everything on your phone, you can save a lot of time, first at the airport – you can even check-in to your flight within the app – but also throughout the whole journey. 

In the plane

Settling down on a plane seat is not easy. Even if you’re a frequent flyer, the typical seat pockets are not sufficient to hold all the things you need during the flight. That’s why you want to pack your plane kit in an airplane pocket you can carry with you. Inside, you can keep your purse, your books and reading glasses, a water bottle, earbuds, pen and paper, and a pack of snacks. In short, you can have everything you need to make the journey more enjoyable without searching through your handbag to find all your stuff. 

On the go

Handbags are not also a good idea when you’re visiting a crowded city. They can become a target for pickpockets. However, if you are a stylish traveler, the typical fanny pack can feel uncomfortable and poor quality. However, some of your favorite designers are also developing suitable solutions, such as the Gucci Fanny Pack, which looks both elegant and practical. You can carry your purse and smartphone while on the go. No more searching through your handbag to buy souvenirs to discover you’ve been robbed while you looked away!

In your luggage

Packing is an art. However, if you crammed your luggage with stuff, your clothes are likely to get wrinkled in the process. Besides, you can’t take anything out without disrupting the careful arrangement you’ve created. That’s why packing cubes are an ideal solution for travelers who prefer to travel light but don’t want to use a bigger bag. The cubes keep your belongings organized and secured so that you can pack plenty in a small cabin bag! 

Bringing travel organization to the next level is a lot easier than it seems. You only need a few tips and tools to get going! But you’ll be surprised by the huge difference a travel app and a few practical bags can make to your journey. 


Travel organization – 101

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