VISIONS OF HOPE by Annie Henrie

I received a copy of VISIONS OF HOPE An Illustrated Portrayal of God’s Plan For Us, by Annie Henrie), from Deseret Book Company, for the purpose of this review.  All opinions stated are mine and mine alone.  Your thoughts may be different.

VISIONS OF HOPE  An Illustrated Portrayal of God’s Plan For Us, by Annie Henrie, is a beautiful book, worthy of “coffee table” status. The illustrations are so exquisite, I had the urge to remove them for framing.  Some might think that this is a children’s book, due to the fact that the illustrations are of prime “focus” and that there is not a lot of text, but it really isn’t. It simply uses illustrations as the prime teaching element.

Annie Henrie

Product Description

The most fundamental questions in our lives—questions about where we came from, why we are here, and where we are gonig—are answered when we have a true understanding of the plan of salvation. Now, our understanding is deepened and enlivened by this beautifully illustrated depiction of God’s eternal plan for His children. In her unique, richly textured style, fine artist Annie Henrie offers a visual interpretations of the plan of salvation, including pre-earth life, the Creation, the Fall of Adam and Eve, life on earth, the spirit world, the Atonement and the Resurrection, and the kingdoms of glory. Accompanied by text from the scriptures, each exquisite image testifies of God’s love for us and of His plan of happiness.

Product Details

  • Size:  10″ x 10″
  • Pages:  48
  • Publisher:  Deseret Book 2014
  • ISBN:  978-1-60907-819-5

About the Author

ANNIE HENRIE graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree from Brigham Young University in April 2012, and since the age of sixteen she has shown her work in galleries, including Bronze Coast Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon; Authentique Gallery in St. George, Utah; and Deseret Book stores. Annie grew up in Bountiful, Utah, and is the daughter of Cary and Sauni Henrie. Her father, also a professional artist, has taught his daughter how to paint and draw since she was in kindergarten. Annie’s work is inspired by her experiences serving as a missionary in southern England and studying Renaissance art in Italy. She currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah.

5 thoughts on “VISIONS OF HOPE by Annie Henrie

  • I’m interested in seeing more of the pictures. Thanks for sharing the book!

  • I can’t think of a better focus for our talents than portraying God’s greatness and never-ending love. Your review of the book really sold me. And, that’s saying a lot. I developed an appreciation of Annie’s work almost immediately. From the descriptions, this is just the kind of book I would be interested in. And, this was my first time hearing about her work. So, THANK YOU.

  • it sounds interesting!
    and she went to the same uni my boyfriend went!


  • That definitely sounds like a book I would keep out on my coffee table


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