What Are the Various Benefits of Otoplasty?

Otoplasty surgery which is also known as ear correction surgery involves repositioning the ears. During this surgery, a surgeon can fix the size, position, or size of the ears. Some people undergo cold sculpting near me to correct the structural abnormality of their ears. However, some other people underwent surgery to correct their large and extended ears.

Otoplasty is performed on the outer portion of the ear, which is called the auricle. This auricle contains cartilage folds, which are covered in the skin. The auricle starts developing in the human body before birth and continues to develop years after birth.

Precautions to Take After Otoplasty

When an otoplasty surgery is completed, ears will be wrapped in a dressing. Always make sure to keep that dressing dry and clean. You can follow some additional precautions to protect your ears after surgery:

  • Avoid scratching ears
  • Always choose that sleeping position where your body is not rested on the ears.
  • Wear that up of clothes which you don’t have to pull up from the head. Try to wear button shirts that do not stretch your ears.

Who can undergo otoplasty?

Otoplasty can be easily performed on children who are between 4 to 6 years of age and whose ears stop developing. However, not only children adults who are healthy and not addicted to any kind of drug. In addition, the best candidates are who are having:

  • Protrude ears
  • Larger or smaller ear size than normal
  • Have abnormal ear shape due to any injury or trauma
  • Having abnormal ears because of the structural issue

Different Types of Otoplasty

Mainly there are three types of ear correction surgery or otoplasty surgery:

Ear augmentation

Ear augmentation is for those people who have small ears or whose ears have not entirely developed. However, in the cases of small ears, it is done to enlarge the size and shape of the ears.

Ear Pinning

This type of ear correction surgery involves drawing the ears closer to the head. It is for those people whose ears are developed outside the direction of the heads.

Ear Reduction

This type of otoplasty is performed on individuals who are suffering from a disease called Macrotia. It is a disease in which the size of the ear is more significant than average ears. So, people undergo this surgery to decrease the size of their ears.

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