Why Sonnet Hill Has Become Such A Trusted Retirement Living Community

You wake up and realize you’re having trouble getting out of bed. What do you do?

A.) Lay in bed and hope things get better

B.) Call a relative and wait for help

Residents of Sonnet Hill, do neither.

Instead, they get immediate help from highly trained health care professionals. How is this possible? It’s because Sonnet Hill offers a caring, and attentive, retirement living community.

Close to 1 million adults in the United States are enhancing the quality of their lives by moving into assisted living facilities. If you’re starting to notice you need help to complete normal daily living activities, assisted care, could be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Are you wondering how you can live in assisted care, without sacrificing your freedom? Read on to learn how Sonnet Hill maximizes independence while offering a cozy home environment.

Your Retirement Living Community

Sonnet Hill is a modern, and vibrant, retirement living community in Silicon Valley, California.

Here are a few fun facts about what Sonnet Hill has to offer:

  • Rental assisted living
  • Memory care apartments
  • Specialized services
  • Boutique size retirement community

Sonnet Hill is getting ready to open its doors this year in San Jose. They will be offering a wide range of healthcare opportunities from assisted living to memory care apartments.

Silicon Valley Next Generation

The unique floor plans at Sonnet Hill, offer a boutique type floor-plan. The residents will enjoy being able to get from one place to another, without having to travel through lengthy corridors. All of the common area amenities will also be easy to get to.

Visitors will enjoy having easy access to the community since the retirement community is a short drive from Highway 280. Sonnet Hill is also only minutes away from shopping opportunities at Santa Row, and the Santa Clara Valley medical center.

Are you ready to experience a warm and welcoming environment, where highly trained staff members are happy to greet you? Then it sounds like you’re ready to learn what it means to live “The Sonnet Way”.

What Is the Sonnet Way?

What’s the Sonnet Way? It all starts with poetry. Sonnets are poems, and in Italian, the word means, “little song”.

In a way, people are a lot like sonnets. They each have their own unique rhythm and style, and they carry with them different messages.

Living life, “The Sonnet way”, means celebrating everything that makes you who you are. It’s about honoring yourself, and who you really are, not who you think you’re supposed to be. Residents at Sonnet Hill retirement living community, enjoy having full self-expression.

Find Your Bliss

Ask yourself, “what makes me unique, and what brings me joy?”. For some residents, it’s all about opportunities to socialize. Sharing a hot cup of coffee, with a new or cherished friend, is the perfect way to pass their Saturday morning.

However, similar to how each poem is different, not everyone wants to spend their days the same way. While one person may enjoy socializing, another may enjoy having a moment of peace. Perhaps you have a creative mind, and special art workshops are your ideal past time.

Whatever you’re looking for, the platform for living at Sonnet Hill revolves around honoring individuality. All of their programs, spaces, and staff members, center around the individual’s experience. Their flexibility allows for community members to build a life they find exciting, while always having the help they need.

Feel at Home

As we began to learn more about Sonnet Hill, we realized One of the top reasons we like Sonnet Hill is because it’s easy to forget that you’re at an assisted living community. The environment is incredibly peaceful, and they push for all of their residents to have as much Independence as possible.

Variety of Care

Being able to adapt to a variety of needs, in a variety of settings, is especially important in a retirement community. As we learn more about the different elements of aging, we’re able to find ways to improve things like safety, health, and comfort.

However, sometimes unexpected needs can arise during the aging process. Sonnet Hill has the resources to handle all sorts of dynamic needs that might change on a year-to-year basis or even a day-to-day basis.

Rent an Apartment

Sonnet Hill has assisted living apartments available to rent. The assisted living apartments allow each resident access to licensed nurses and care staff on a full-time basis.

The highly-trained care staff is there to help with anything from minor assistance, to more complex care plans. Whatever it is you or your loved one need to enjoy your day, someone will always be there to help.

Memory Care

Residents that are dealing with Alzheimer’s or dementia, would want to look into the memory care portion of the community. Here, residents will also enjoy access to trained healthcare professionals on a 24-hour basis. Family members will be able to decide if they want to get private or shared accommodations.

Customized Care Plans

If you or a loved one want to qualify as a resident at Sonnet Hill, you have to take a medical assessment. Once you’re approved, they will create a specialized care plan for you. To create your care plan, staff members and primary care physicians will give their opinions on how to customize your care plan.

On top of giving you the best care, they also work towards creating a plan that allows residents to maintain dignity and respect. Once you’re a resident, you can expect to have medical assessments on a routine basis moving forward.

Throughout the year, the customized care plan will update. As your needs change, or you make special requests, your plan will change too.

Residents also have the freedom to choose how they want to receive care, and what they want help with. If a resident doesn’t like an aspect of their care plan, they can alter it at any time.

Live Worry-Free

Now you know more about Sonnet Hill, and the vibrant retirement living community they have to offer. Can you imagine what it’d be like to finally, start living carefree, knowing that all your needs are already thought of?

We hope our article was able to help guide you as you make one of life’s biggest decisions. For more advice on how to handle the transitions of life, check out the rest of this site!

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