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Why Spring Is A Good Time For A Pest Inspection

With the winter months drawing to an end, summer is just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to do some cleaning and sprucing up around the house. What if while you’re cleaning, you find the remnants of a possible pest infestation? Making sure that you keep pesky critters at bay and away from your living area can be a challenge. That’s why it may be helpful to call in a pest control specialist for a property checkup. Here are just a few reasons why spring is a good time for a pest inspection.

Keeping Garden Invaders At BayWhy Spring Is A Good Time For A Pest Inspection
As the last frost begins to thaw and the spring bulbs emerge from the ground, everyone knows it’s time to start planting the garden. From gathering tools to picking out the perfect plants and seeds, you likely have a list a mile long pertaining to starting your garden. But one thing that you might have passed over is the pests that could possibly invade your yard space. Now is the time to get a pest control pro to visit your property. They will be able to take a close look at the perimeter of your yard, as well as in outbuildings and other areas where certain pests may be living or hiding out. Many pests such as cutworms, mites, and beetles attack plants and flowers directly, you can treat those with sprays from your local garden centers. One pest that can thrive in the warmer months is the flea. If you suspect that you have fleas in your home, treatment starts with your animals and also your yard. Call your veterinarian first to set up an appointment. From there, have a pest control technician, like the pest control Tucson AZ pros, to come out to your home and help identify the fleas and then eradicate the problem properly.

Guard Against Spring
It’s always nice to sit outside near your spring garden and enjoy a nice lunch or dinner when the weather gets warm. One thing that can totally ruin the moment is a visit from a family of ants. They love the sweet aroma of a tasty food scrap. A few ants here or there may not be a huge concern, but when the population rises and you see several at one time, it’s time to call in a pest specialist. They will identify the species to make sure they are not Carpenter Ants—a destructive type of ant that can destroy the wood in your home. Another pest that can also destroy the foundation of your home is the termite. If you notice any changes in the structural integrity of your home, its best to have a termite check—the sooner the better.

Why Spring Is A Good Time For A Pest Inspection

Checking For Bed Bugs
A popular activity in the springtime for many people is to get out and hit the road looking for yard and garage sales. Bargain hunters can find things for a low price and with a little TLC, they can turn trash into treasure! While it may be a fun activity, it can also wreak havoc on your entire family and home should you bring home a little crawling bundle of terror—the bedbug. This pesky insect is found in furniture and other home décor materials and has enough stamina to survive almost any situation. This makes it difficult to eradicate a bedbug infestation on your
own. If you suspect a bedbug—a tiny oval brownish colored insect, call pest control immediately. Because they multiply so rapidly, just seeing a few can mean there are thousands more hiding out in your living space.

Why Spring Is A Good Time For A Pest Inspection Rodent Destruction
Everyone knows that many rodents, including mice, shrews, and rats love to find a new home in your warm living space, some may decide to move a short distance to your garage or outbuildings. They can quickly make nests in your garden supply areas or storage areas in dark corners. If you find any type of rodent droppings, be careful when coming in contact with it. Some mice can carry the Hantavirus—a serious virus spread by contamination of mouse droppings. It can lead to serious health complications including Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome which triggers respiratory and organ failure. Ask your pest control tech to come out and look for signs of an infestation and help eradicate the issue.
Spring is the best time to be outdoors working in the yard and on home improvement projects. Don’t let pests overtake your life. Get rid of the problem now before it gets out of control.


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