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Why you should buy your teen a queen size mattress instead of a full

While watching your children grow up can be both bittersweet and expensive. As your children grow you find yourself replacing their bedroom furniture at major stages of their life, each evolution accommodating their new size, age, and interests.

Smart parents bought cribs that could turn into toddler beds or toddler beds that could turn into twin beds. But when your teen is no longer small enough for a twin, you have to evaluate which option is the most cost-effective and makes the most sense – full size or queen mattress?

Why you should buy your teen a queen size mattress instead of a full

Why a full-size mattress is not the best option

It can be tempting to go with the cheaper full-size mattress. While these mattresses were once considered big enough for a couple, the evolution of man over the last century has led to a need for a longer bed. Full-size beds are now only considered adequate for one sleeper, and if that sleeper is over about 5 feet 10 inches in height, the full-size mattress still won’t be long enough.

If your teen is small in stature, a full-size bed may be sufficient until they move out on their own and need a bed big enough for a couple. Even a slightly taller individual could make a full-size bed work in a pinch by sleeping alone and lying diagonally across the bed. But if there is any chance that your teen is going to grow over 5 feet 8 inches, you should consider getting a queen size instead.

Getting a high-quality queen mattress pays off in the long run

Sure, your teen doesn’t really need a queen size bed right now. But they will be able to use it long after they leave home. If you buy your teen new furniture when they head into high school, their mattress is still going to be good for at least another 4 years after they leave home. Not only does getting them a queen bed save you money by eliminating the full-size stage, giving them a bed that works for years after they leave home is a special gift that will save them money as well.

Buy your teen’s queen mattress online to save even more

You should consider buying your teen’s queen mattress online to save you even more money. Instead of buying a low-quality full or queen mattress that will not last more than a few years, you’ll be able to find more durable high-quality mattresses at affordable prices when you shop online. The selection will be much broader, and you can browse mattresses to find the right type without a pushy salesman.

Ordering the mattress and bed at the same time and from the same furniture store not only saves you money, it also helps you make sure that the mattress you have chosen will work with the right type of bed. Online furniture stores can give you recommendations to help you get the perfect mattress.

Additionally, when you buy affordable queen mattress online, you will also get free shipping to your door, as well as a guarantee so that if you don’t like the mattress, you can return it.

Why you should buy your teen a queen size mattress instead of a full

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