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2023 Everything Branding Summer Fun Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page

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Summer is in full swing, and I hope you are all having a wonderful time.  Check out these great ideas for products that can make your summer even more enjoyable!

Welcome to our 2023 Everything Branding Summer Fun Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page!

The City Loo

Your posh pet deserves a posh potty! That’s why we created City Loo, a chic modern pet potty solution. We strive to make pet ownership more convenient without compromising personal style. Through innovative design and a curated catalog of premium products, the City Loo brand was created to provide solutions that are as fashionable as they are functional. Hassle-free
Dry, Sanitary, and Discreet Modern design.  Premium quality. Can be used with, potty pads, potty grass, litter box, and more. Designed for indoor and limited outdoor use. SilverSeal odor absorbing technology eliminates odors and inhibits bacteria. Side clips to attach potty pads for male dogs or cats. Three entry points.”

City Loo
“Finally, a modern indoor & outdoor pet potty solution that is chic and hassle-free way to ensure your pet’s potty needs are taken care of. The City Loo keeps your pets potty area discreet, sanitary, and safe for both you and your pet. The City Loo Starter Kit Includes: The City Loo / 1 Custom-Kit Odor Absorbing Tray / 2 City Loo Artificial Grass Pads / 100 City Loo Potty Pads. The City Loo is designed for pets 20 pounds or under! The City Loo is made of medium-density fiberboard with clear acrylic walls, stainless steel hinges, and an interchangeable dog door entrance.”

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Eli & Elm

“Eli and Elm is a premium bedding company with a purpose of getting people the comfort they need. Eli & Elm specializes in luxurious pillows and bedding essentials, providing ultimate comfort and restful sleep. Discover the difference today! We’ve found a simple solution for better sleep while also nixing your neck & back pain – the Eli & Elm Side-Sleeper Pillow!

With the unique U-shape design, these luxury pillows will conform to your head to provide proper support and alleviate neck pain. Created specifically for side sleepers, you can also customize your pillow’s firmness with the removable latex and polyester filling.

Reach maximum comfort with Eli and Elm’s Weighted Comforter!

From restless nights to the return of cold weather, discover the relaxing benefits of deep pressure therapy with Eli & Elm’s NEW Weighted Comforter.

This luxuriously soft blanket gives the feeling of a cozy hug thanks to a perfect distribution of thousands of micro-sized glass beads.

This gentle pressure is said to help your body release its “feel good” chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, putting you in a better mood while helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.”

“Luxurious evenly distributed weighted comforter made from 100% cotton fabric. Thousands of micro glass beads are evenly distributed throughout the comforter to achieve the right amount of weight for a calming and relaxing nights sleep. Encased in a quilted 300 thread count, 100% cotton sateen fabric to put you to sleep faster than ever. Although the comforter can be treated as a weighted blanket that looks amazing on top of any bed, we’ve sewn in loops on all four corners so you can easily attach your duvet cover. / The Eli & Elm pillow is specially designed to support side sleepers while conforming to the precise contours of the head and neck. Engineered specifically for side sleepers, this Eli & Elm pillow conforms to your head and neck allowing for proper support. Side sleepers often agree flat pillows do a poor job holding one’s head up and end up causing chronic neck pain, the Eli & Elm side sleepers unique U-shape design is made to help alleviate neck pain and promote spinal alignment. Adjust the Eli & Elm side sleeper to your desired height and support with the removable latex and polyester filling. Simply unzip the pillow and remove unwanted filling for a soft feel or add filling for a firmer sleep. Each cover is made from incredibly smooth cotton, blended with ultra-fine polyester and spandex for maximum comfort. The Eli & Elm Cotton Side Sleeper Pillow comes equipped with an interior liner for easy washing and is filled with 75% latex noodle and 25% polyester fiber for superior support.”

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Apex Labs CBD

Whether you’re having trouble sleeping, struggling with anxiety, or looking for some energizing mental clarity, the experts at Apex Labs CBD have a formula to support you!

All of their premium, single source CBD and Delta 8 products are manufactured in-house for the cleanest and purest formulas on the market.

Single Source CBD & Delta 8 Supplier! White Labeling Service Available. Free Shipping. Whether you’re having trouble sleeping, struggling with anxiety, or looking for some energizing mental clarity, the experts at Apex Labs CBD have a formula to support you!

All of their premium, single source CBD and Delta 8 products are manufactured in-house for the cleanest and purest formulas on the market.”

Apex Labs

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Buddha Board

The key to a more balanced life begins wherever you are, with the help of Buddha Board. This screen-free mindfulness tool is here to ease your mental caseload through the soothing act of painting with water. As you become centered in the moment you’ll feel the tension drop away, your mind clear, and your inner positivity start to make a comeback.

Buddha Board is based in Vancouver, BC Canada and was founded in 2000.

Buddha Board is inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment.

Simply ‘paint’ on the surface with water and your creation will come to life in bold design. Then, as the water slowly evaporates, your art will magically disappear leaving you with a clean slate
and a clear mind, ready to create a whole new masterpiece. Buddha Board is environmentally friendly as it only uses water – no ink, no paint, no chemicals – and it will last for years with proper care.

Master the art of letting go, live for the moment and enjoy!”

Buddha Board
Original Buddha Board – Paint on the surface with water and watch your creation come to life. As the water slowly evaporates your art will magically disappear… leaving you with a clean slate and a clear mind. Buddha Board “canvas” (12″ high x 9″ wide x 1/4″ thick) Sturdy waterproof stand, complete with a roomy reservoir for water & separate grooves for holding both the board & brush Premium bamboo paintbrush with thick, ultra-soft bristles / Mini Buddha Board – Special Mindfulness Edition (White) The Mini Buddha Board Special Mindfulness Edition has a quote from Buddha on the cover. It is an elegantly packaged, 5-inch square portable Buddha Board that folds into its own small easel stand. It has a little trough for water if desired, and comes with a small paint brush. Enjoy! Mini Buddha Board (5″ high x 5″ wide x 0.5″ thick) Portable Mini Buddha Board that folds into its own small easel stand – Premium mini paintbrush with thick, ultra-soft bristles / Mini Buddha Board (Black) The Mini Buddha Board is an elegantly packaged, 5-inch square portable Buddha Board that folds into its own small easel stand. It has a little trough for water if desired, and comes with a small paint brush. Enjoy!)

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“Get in touch with Mother Nature regardless of how much space you have with the design-minded planters and gardening kits from Watex! Their modular and vertical growing solutions make it easy to create a lush, verdant space in any room of the house from your kitchen or living room to patio or balcony. Grow as small or as big as you like with Watex’s many versatile options and create your dream vertical growing system today!

A perfect fit for urban living, our mobile green wall is your friend for all your urban gardening needs. The portability of this multi level planter with a complete irrigation system makes it ideal for space saving gardening. Grow your favorite herbs, veggies or flowers or add some air purifying plants to clean out the air in your home and move them to wherever you go. / Made from high-quality, eco-friendly wheat straw plastic materials, the Watex Stackable Desktop Garden Kit is not only stylish but also durable and long-lasting. The Stackable Desktop Garden is incredibly easy to set up and a great addition to any home. With its Urban Farming Vegetable and Fruit starter kit, you can create your own green patch as a beginner or a seasoned pro. This easy to install kit comes with a complete irrigation system. / The Urban Design Green Wall Kit, Part of our Urban Green Wall System, has everything you need to start your first vertical garden or vegetable and fruit farm. It mounts on any vertical wall or fence using the provided brackets. The space-saving design and fully irrigation equipped DIY kit is a great starter pack for people to start their first vertical garden at home – Space won’t be an issue, you can start growing right away!

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Bootleg Bath

“Whether you’re dreaming of the salt and the sand or the trees and the mountains, find your summer-inspired bath products at San Francisco’s Bootleg Bath.
Juicy citrus, delicate florals, and woodsy sandalwood are just a few of the scents from this line of ethically and sustainably sourced soaps, shampoos, candles, and more. Each product is inspired by the ingredients behind Prohibition’s most memorable cocktails and crafted with organic, natural ingredients.

Send your senses on vacation with:

Top-Shelf Margarita Salt Bar – This unique sea salt soap purifies your pores and exfoliates while filling your shower with a fresh and fruity aroma.

Relax Candle – Unwind after a busy day with the calming fresh lavender and mint scent of this natural soy wax candle.

Speakeasy Beard & Head Shampoo – Get head-to-toe clean with this nurturing blend of cocoa and shea butter, bentonite clay, and infusion of mint, eucalyptus, juniper, coconut milk, fig, and sandalwood essential oil.”

Our Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner bars are nourishing and fragrant. Combining hydrating properties of Sea Buckthorn Oil and Jojoba with Aloe Vera Extract and Cocoa Butter. These ingredients are known for promoting strong roots and hair follicles, while Jojoba Oil is known for increasing hair thickness. Lightly scented with fresh Grapefruit & Bergamot. / The Highball is not your ordinary bar of soap. Formulated with a blend of natural menthol crystals to help soothe sore muscles and deep exfoliating pumice sand. Organic essential oils relax the mind, while the antimicrobial properties of this soap provide you with a deep clean. ** Provides a deep exfoliation and is not recommended for sensitive skin. / Solid shampoo and conditioner requires proper drainage to maximize its lifespan. Extend the bar’s usage by adding a Saver.


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“Welcome to Bearback, where we believe that better is always possible when it comes to back and body self-care. We started in 2018 in the small town of Alpharetta, GA with a simple idea: to solve one of humanity’s most basic afflictions, an itchy back. Most available solutions were cheap novelty products, but we knew we could do better.

Thus, our original design was born – the Bearback Back & Body Scratcher. The response from customers was overwhelming, but we knew we were just scratching the surface. We wanted to design additional tools to solve other frustrating back and body self-care challenges and improve the lives of people everywhere. It’s our passion and mission to bring joy to our customers by providing the world’s most useful and innovative premium quality tools for back and body self-care.

This business was built from scratch around our family’s kitchen table, and we’re honored to hear directly from countless customers about how much they’ve benefited from our products. With thousands of glowing customer reviews and positive media attention, we’re more determined than ever to continue solving problems for our customers. Better is always within reach, and we’re here to help you achieve it.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to serving you!”

Transform your bath and shower routine with the Bearback Bath & Shower Silicone Body Scrubber! This amazing tool is a must-have for anyone who wants to achieve silky smooth, healthy-looking skin. Made from high-quality, food-grade silicone, our body scrubber is gentle yet effective in exfoliating dead skin cells and unclogging pores. And with its ergonomic folding 17″ handle, it can reach all those hard-to-get areas, leaving your skin feeling renewed and refreshed. Not only is our silicone body scrubber gentle on your skin, but it’s also incredibly hygienic and easy to clean. Unlike traditional loofahs or sponges, our scrubber doesn’t trap bacteria or mildew, ensuring that it stays fresh and clean. The Bearback Bath & Shower Silicone Body Scrubber is perfect for use in the shower or bath, and can be used with your favorite soap or body wash for an indulgent, spa-like experience. / Experience the ultimate self-care solution for your back and body with the Bearback Ultimate Back & Body Self-Care Bundle. Designed to meet all your hard-to-reach self-care needs, this bundle is a must-have for anyone seeking to elevate their self-care journey. With our high-quality 17″ ergonomically curved folding handle, you’ll enjoy perfect reach and control. The handle conveniently collapses to 9.5″ for shorter reaches and easy storage and portability. The bundle includes five incredible self-care attachments, each offering a unique and satisfying experience.

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Are you and your kiddos gearing up for back-to-school? Do you wish there was an easier way to be more waste-free?
Introducing Funkins – the perfect back-to-school companion! Make lunchtime extra special for your little ones with these vibrant and reusable lunch bags, plus washable napkins and placemats.
Funkins has something for every child from animal and space prints to The Very Hungry Caterpillar™ by Eric Carle collection. 

Make school lunchtime cleaner and greener with Funkins washable lunch bags and napkins for kids! Send your little ones back to school in style and ready for lunch time with our joyful, durable and easy to wash school lunch bags and reusable cloth napkins and placemats. Our matching lunch box note cards, name stickers, ice packs, reusable food and drink containers and bamboo dish sets make Funkins a one stop shop for back to school lunch gear! PTPA Approved”

Funkins Highlights: – Started by a mom on a mission to do better for the environment. – Teacher and student approved! – Features bright and fun patterns that kids love – Lunch bags available in 2 sizes – Durable design equals lasting quality – Machine washable and reusable – Stain, tear, and weather resistant – Soft handles for comfortable gripping – Safe, non-toxic, lead, phthalate and PVC free – Get the matching reusable cloth lunchbox napkins and placemats to make school lunchtime cleaner and greener! – Add a Funkins reusable gel ice pack and keepsake lunch note cards to complete the set. Ditch the disposable lunch gear and opt for eco-conscious choices that will last your family for years to come!

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