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You’ve been blessed with a decent-sized garden, so you better make the most of it. You might spend a lot of time staring at your garden, wondering what you should plant. Most likely, this procrastination lasts for a very long time, usually ending with nothing being grown! 

Well, let’s put an end to that!

You’ll soon see learn about these 3 awesome things to grow in your garden.

 Things To Grow In Your Garden Pink Flowers



Yes, what better place to start than with some lovely flowers. This is always a popular choice, largely because it makes your garden look and smell beautiful. Planting seasonal flowers throughout the year is the best idea, and you can start by creating your own flower bed. Once you know which flowers are in season – and which ones grow best in your climate – you can start picking your favorites. This is where you can get creative and choose different colored flowers depending on your preferences. To go one step further, you can start planting the flowers in specific arrangements, creating colorful patterns!

Fruit & Vegetables

Why don’t you plant something edible in your garden? There are loads of different fruits and vegetables you can plant in your backyard. Much like the flowers, your choices should be based on seasons. Some things grow much easier under different weather conditions than others. You should keep an eye out for a few common pests that like to ruin vegetable crops. The most recent annoyance is the spotted lanternfly, tearing its way through crops across the country. It won’t hurt to learn how to get rid of spotted lanternflies – and other pests – if you want to protect your fruit and veg. Otherwise, all of your efforts will be for nothing as everything gets destroyed and dies. 

Technically, mushrooms are not plants, but they’re edible and make for great ingredients for your favorite pasta dish and toppings for pizza. As it happens, mushrooms can grow in your garden too! They can thrive indoors or outdoors. If you have an outdoor garden, prepare a semi-shaded spot to build your mushroom bed. You will need sterilized substrate and mushroom grain spawn to start cultivating your favorite mushroom species. Make sure to read up on mushroom cultivation techniques and practices to learn everything you need to know to get started.

Things To Grow In Your Garden Bundles of Fresh Herbs



The last thing you can plant is a selection of herbs. Now, this is the best idea for people with small garden areas. It’s also perfect if you don’t have any natural soil in your backyard. For instance, some of you have nice gardens, but you’ve got them covered in artificial turf or patio/decking. In which case, you don’t really have anywhere to plant anything. Well, herbs are very easy to plant in pots and raised beds, so it’s a brilliant idea in this situation. The best thing about herbs is that they’re so easy for you to plant, they grow all-year-round, and you use them in basically every meal. Funnily enough, having access to your own herb garden can upgrade your cooking skills and make your food taste nicer. It also helps to reduce food waste as most people are guilty of buying herbs and throwing most of them away. 

Are you feeling inspired? Tap Roseville garden and tree service to help you out. Take advantage of your garden space to plant some beautiful things. If you were to order these ideas in terms of difficulty, it would probably go: herbs the easiest, flowers second, vegetables third. Why? Because as you go down the order the maintenance requirements increase. For instance, it’s so much easier to maintain a few herb pots than it is to look after a vegetable patch!

3 Awesome Things To Grow In Your Garden

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