3 Ways To Improve Weekday Mornings

It’s fair to say that, for most of us, weekday mornings are something of a struggle. No matter how well we’ve slept, or how much we’re looking forward to the working day ahead, the feeling of being jarred out of a restful slumber by an alarm clock is never a pleasant one.

This unpleasant feeling of being woken from sleep is then compounded by a generally rushed process of getting yourself – and often your children – ready for the day ahead. This may sound simple enough, but when you’re doing it with the clock ticking down to the point your work shift starts, it can be a challenge.

If you want meet this challenge head on, and improve your weekday morning routine, then you may want to consider the suggestions below…

#1 – Get up at the same time every day

It may sound odd, but your weekend lie-in could be doing you more harm than good. Research has consistently shown that going to bed and getting up at the same time every day – including on weekends – is a fundamental component of practicing good sleep hygiene. If you want to ensure that you wake feeling refreshed, good sleep hygiene is essential, so consider forgoing your weekend lie-in to make the weekends that bit more bearable.

#2  – Use an alarm while showering

It’s all too easy to linger in the shower in the morning. You’re tired, the water feels great, your shampoo smells delicious – blink, and it’s all too easy to find that you’ve lost half an hour and are now running very, very late.

To prevent this, set an alarm to ring every two minutes during your shower. This will remind you to pay attention to the time your shower is taking, but without pressuring you to rush to finish in the same way actually timing your shower would. A gentle reminder of the passage of time is the perfect way to ensure you remember

#3 – Make your morning routine feel as luxurious as possible

From the moment you wake up, you want to feel as if the world is comfortable and welcoming, as this will make the transition to the waking world all the more bearable. There are a few different ways you can do this, but one of the most effective is to focus on making your morning routine as pleasant as possible to your senses. To do this, focus on areas such as choosing to invest in the best coffee you can afford so as to delight your taste buds, click here to find an essential oil diffuser that pleases your sense of smell, and use touchably-soft towels after your morning shower. These little touches genuinely can make the morning feel more bearable, easing you into the day and helping you to feel calm and centered prior to leaving the house.

In conclusion

While your weekday mornings will always be prone to the occasional blip, for the most part, following through with the tips above should help to streamline the experience – so you can arrive at work ready and raring to perform at your very best.


3 Ways To Improve Weekday Mornings

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