5 Things Every Parent Should Know About Baby Teeth: Is It Time To Visit A Family Dentist?

Parents must get appropriate dental services for their children to protect their teeth and gums. Even baby teeth are vital to all children, and parents must teach their children how to brush and floss their baby teeth, too. Dental professionals recommend starting dental visits at least by the time the child is at least one year old.

  1. The Baby Teeth Protect Adult Teeth

All baby teeth should come in within the first three years of life, and their purpose is to protect the permanent teeth that are underneath the gum line. It is paramount for parents to get their children to the dentist for annual checkups and cleanings to protect the baby’s teeth and prevent damage that could cause problems with adult teeth. If the child has any visible dental problems, it is vital for the parents to schedule an appointment with a Dentist For Children now.

  1. They Are Necessary for Speech

Baby teeth are not just to make the baby look cute, and the teeth are vital for ensuring that the children learn how to speak properly. As they sound out words, the tongue hits the teeth to make sounds. If the teeth are damaged or missing the child will not be able to sound out words correctly, and they could develop a speech problem that requires speech therapy when they are in elementary school. For this reason, the child should see the dentist every year for exams, and the parent should bring them in any time they have tooth damage.

  1. They Define Space for Adult Teeth

The position of the baby teeth defines the spaces where the adult teeth will erupt through the gum line. The position of the baby teeth could show the dentist possible alignment issues the child will face as their adult teeth come in.

The baby teeth must be spaced evenly to allow the adult teeth to come down straight. Any signs of overcrowding could present problems later and require the patient to get braces to straighten their teeth. Overcrowding will require the dentist to remove teeth to give the adult teeth plenty of room to move into place.

  1. All Baby Teeth Are Below the Gum Line at Birth

Parents may not be aware of this fact, but all the baby teeth are below the gum line when the child is born. A dentist can perform x-rays to review the baby’s teeth before they erupt through the gum lines. They can predict dental problems according to the positioning of the baby teeth. A dental professional can determine if the child will need dental devices to prevent the baby’s teeth from damaging their adult teeth.

  1. Cavities On Baby Teeth Can Cause Problems

Many parents do not believe they should get dental repairs for baby teeth. However, cavities in baby teeth can spread to the surrounding teeth and cause problems for the adult teeth. It is vital for them to get fillings for the cavities even if the tooth will be extracted or fall out later.

Parents must follow steps to protect their child’s baby teeth. Dentists recommend oral hygiene products for the child’s teeth and gums. All children should brush and floss their baby teeth to protect them from cavities and other dental problems. Parents must consult dental professionals to learn better ways to protect their child’s teeth and gums, and regular dental visits are a must for all kids.


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  • Thanks so much for sharing! I always started to take my kids around age 1 and no later than 2!


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