5 Tips For Sleek, Convenient Mom Style

Mommying is hard work. It’s early mornings and late nights. It’s making meals, cleaning messes, helping with homework and chauffeuring kids to and from all their activities. It’s such hard work in fact that being a mom is the same as working 2.5 full-time jobs. That’s approximately 14 hours a day you spend caring for your family and their needs. Throw in seven to eight hours of sleep and that doesn’t leave much time for yourself. But just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel good. Here are five tips to help you achieve sleek, convenient mom style (that isn’t the stereotypical yoga pants mom style you’re probably thinking of).

1. Fashion your own mom uniform.

Save time by having a uniform that works for a variety of occasions and tasks, i.e. grocery shopping, work lunch, date night, PTA meeting, etc. Think about your style. Are you more urban, preppy, boho or athleisure? Or is your unique uniform persona a combination of two styles? Whether it’s jeans and fitted tees or leggings, tunics and cardigans, have pieces that are easy to throw on together.

2. Build a wardrobe of simple, comfortable staple pieces.

5 Tips For Sleek, Convenient Mom Style

Start building a wardrobe of simple, comfortable staples that can help you feel cute and comfy without needing much time to get ready. Look for transitional pieces that you can wear from the office to a playdate. One-piece outfits, like dresses and jumpsuits, are the perfect simple and stylish staple pieces for any mom. Here are some other staples to have in your closet:

* Denim jeans

* Leggings

* Black blazer

* Classic black dress

* Tunics

* Cute flat shoe (mule, loafer, ballet slipper style)

If you already have some of these, great. If not, who doesn’t love an excuse to go shopping, right?

3. Jazz up a casual outfit with a statement accessory.

5 Tips For Sleek, Convenient Mom Style

A cute scarf, statement necklace, pair of hoop earrings, floral jacket or metallic shoes can add some pizzazz to a basic t-shirt and jeans outfit without putting much thought into it. And any of these items can be added or subtracted from your outfit in a matter of seconds so you can quickly adapt between work and play. Makeup is also an accessory. So keep lipstick on hand to add a pop of color to your outfit and tell the world, “I’m not a regular mom; I’m a hot mom.” Of course, your mom would be delighted to get a nice necklace and a quick search on Google on the question how much does liquid silver jewellery cost?“ should give you the answer you need.

4. Highlight your natural beauty.

One of the best tips for sleek, convenient mom style is wearing what compliments your skin tones and figure while making you feel comfortable in your own skin. Discomfort shows, and it’s never in style. So know your size and colors. Choose fabrics you like wearing. And then dress your figure to highlight your natural beauty and cover any figure flaws you think you have so you can be comfortable and confident in your convenient mom style.

5. Get yourself a modern backpack diaper bag.

You can’t carry around a purse and a diaper bag. It’s too much. But you still need to be able to carry yours and your kids’ stuff and stay organized without looking like you’re carrying a bag that screams “I’m a carpooling soccer mom who drives a minivan” (although there’s nothing wrong with that). You need a modern backpack diaper bag. It’s the perfect mix of cute and practical. Plus, with all the different styles available, your convenient mom bag can make its own fashion statement.

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