Creative Ways to Show Off Your Pusheen Collection

Pusheen loves the limelight, and if you’re a fan of the Pusheen Offiicial Cute Soft Toy Collection from Gund you will no doubt want to showcase your assortment of soft Pusheen toys. You could sit them all on a bed, but it might get a bit crowded when you try to climb in at night! Whether it’s you who enjoys collecting Pusheen, or your child (or perhaps both of you), you will need space to house your charming kitty-cats. Here are a few ideas:

Hanging Basket / Garden Planter

Have a nosy around the garage and garden shed, have you got a couple of old hanging baskets in there that you no longer use as planters? If you have drag them out and dust them down. These can be painted if necessary or adorned with decorations to brighten them up. Hang your baskets wherever you want your Pusheen collection to be seen! A note of caution here – this type of storage might not work well in the bedrooms of younger children, a low lying basket could easily be used as a swing!

Hanging Storage

If you don’t fancy the DIY approach incorporating a hanging basket or garden planter you could always invest in a purpose made hanging storage solution. These are often cylinder shaped and hang by a loop. They usually have compartments, and each compartment has a hole at the front where you can pop in your soft, cuddly toys. You can place a Pusheen or two in each compartment.

Toy Hammock

Take one large piece of fabric and fasten to the wall or to a structure (at both ends), and you’ll have a homemade hammock for your Pusheen cat collection to sit in. Choose pretty fabric that complements the room.

Under-Bed- Storage

If you don’t want your Pusheen or soft toy collection permanently on show (although we can’t think why you wouldn’t)! You could invest in a few storage boxes that will

slide neatly beneath the bed. These can be pulled out whenever you want to gaze lovingly at Pusheen and her pals!

Picnic Hamper

A picnic hamper seems to be the perfect place for Pusheen, she does like her snacks after all! A traditional hamper can look every effective when used for storage. Prop open the lid and allow Pusheen and her lovely pals to peek out of the top!

Shoe Boxes

Old shoe boxes shouldn’t go to waste, instead transform them into stylish storage receptacles. Get rid of the lid and cover the box with paper that complements the room. You could use wallpaper offcuts for this or buy a nice roll of wrapping paper and get busy with the glue and sticky tape! Once you’re done you can fill your newly decorated boxes with as many Pusheens as you can fit!

Cat Palace

How about using a cat bed as a home for your pampered Pusheen collection? There are some cute cat beds on the market, some are covered and resemble little hidey-holes, and some are open-top! Pusheen would look right at home relaxing in a cosy, but luxurious cat house.

Wicker Basket

There are some lovely storage boxes and baskets available in shops and stores. Strategically pop a pretty one in the corner of your room and fill it with your loveable Pusheen soft toys. You can pep up a standard white or brown wicker basket by adding pretty ribbons or decorations.

Fill a BeanBag.

If your child has too many soft toys to count (including Pusheen and a whole host of others) it could be time to invest in storage that allows you to hide a few away when the cuddly ones start to take over.

How about a beanbag that contains no beans? Sounds a bit strange, but instead of beans you fill it with soft toys! Clever storage, and a soft place to sit – we like it. You might not want to stuff Pusheen in there though, we’re not sure she would be keen on that! Better to shove the other soft toys in and leave a prime spot for Pusheen on the bed!

Keep Your Cuddly Toys in Check!

It’s easy to let toys (including soft toys) take over the house. If you’re the collector allocate a space where you can showcase your collection, rather than have bits of it dotted around everywhere. If you’re child is the collector encourage them to show off their favorites and find a clever storage solution for the rest.


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