6 Gift Ideas to Celebrate an Anniversary

Anniversaries are a special day for every couple, second only to one another’s birthday. They’re the perfect chance to celebrate yet another year in love with one another. Whether you and your partner celebrate at a fancy restaurant, a local favorite, or within the comfort of your own home, every anniversary should be commemorated with the perfect gift.

We know what you’re thinking; easier said than done! Anniversary gift giving is notoriously stressful. An anniversary gift should represent the time you’ve spent together and show your partner how much you love them. It’s no wonder that a celebration that holds so much meaning can be so hard to shop for.

Fear not; we’re here to help! Read on for our 6 favorite gifts to perfectly say, “I love you.”

For Your First Anniversary

Year one is done; congratulations! The first year of marriage is a year of learning, growing, and loving. Honor it with the following gifts.

Traditional Gift: Paper

Paper is the traditional gift for your first year of marriage. It may sound weird at first, but paper is actually a beautiful representation of a single year of marriage together. Just like marriage, paper is fragile. But when cared for correctly, paper will last forever.

A photo from your wedding printed by Photo Studio Calgary and getting it beautifully framed is the perfect paper gift to give to your partner. It will forever remind you both of the wonderful day that you two became one. Customize with your anniversary date or a special message; browse a variety of personalized anniversary gifts that allow you to memorialize your relationship.

Modern Gift: A Clock

In the modern era, the first year of marriage is commemorated with a clock. The passing of time is central to marriage. Over time, you’ll face challenges and experience growth that will make your relationship even stronger.

Gift your partner a timeless (pun intended) watch. Opt for a simple style in silver or gold to ensure they’ll be able to wear it for decades to come.

For Your Fifth Anniversary

The past five years have flown by and you’ve now been betrothed for half a decade. How wonderful is that? After five years, you really begin to settle into your marriage. You’ve perfected your routine, worked through many challenges, and have spent so much time in love. Isn’t marriage great?

Traditional Gift: Wood

Wood represents the stability you’ve gained through your first five years of marriage. Just like a tree, you and your partner have grown strong roots. Your relationship and your marriage can withstand even the worst storms.

6 Gift Ideas to Celebrate an Anniversary Wood Side Table and Chair with Black Cushioned seat and back

A lovely piece of wood furniture is a great five-year gift. Not only will it be a beautiful addition to the house you’ve built together, but you’ll both be able to enjoy it each and every day.

Modern Gift: Silverware

Can you tell that the fifth year is all about practicality? By now, you and your partner have shared so many wonderful meals together. Set yourself up for years to come with a nice set of silverware. Rather than opting for an everyday style, splurge for something extra that can be saved for special occasions.

For Your Tenth Anniversary

An entire decade! Can you believe it? Ten whole years of love and happiness. Celebrate it with an amazing gift.

Traditional Gift: Aluminum

After a decade, your relationship has become strong, but it also remains flexible. You’ve learned the art of compromise—often a hard skill to learn! Just like aluminum, you can bend and flex together, without ever falling apart.

There are so many options when it comes to artwork made of aluminum. You can find aluminum sculptures, laser cuts, and more. Select a special piece to display in your home.

Modern Gift: Jewelry

Need we explain? A decade of marriage is a wonderful thing, and so is a gorgeous piece of jewelry! It’s been ten years since you’ve exchanged rings. Give your partner a unique piece of jewelry to show them you love them just the same today as you did then.


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