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Do’s and Don’ts to Know While Applying Eyelash Extensions

If you are considering getting eyelash extensions or already have them, there are a few things to keep in mind. There is an art and science to applying the lashes so that they look natural and blend with your own lashes. If applied incorrectly, the results can be disastrous. You may end up with a set of lashes that stick out at odd angles from your eyes like tiny spider legs, or worse- misshapen false lashes, which could lead to discomfort and irritation daily. Here are some do’s and don’ts that you need to take care of while getting the eyelash extensions done:

Do’s for eyelash extensions:

Do make sure to get them done by a licensed professional:

Eyelash extensions are applied by an individual or extensionist, not a beautician. This is because the application of eyelashes requires specialized training and knowledge to ensure they look natural and last as long as possible. If you do your own research online, you might be able to find someone in your area who has received this training- but it’s also essential that if you do go for a consultation with an extensionist that you trust them enough to let them apply lashes on both eyes before deciding whether or not to invest. Visit Paris Eyelash Academy to see more lash extensions.

You want someone who can promise symmetry during the application process; any asymmetry will lead to uneven wear over time (and potential discomfort). If you are an expert at applying them, then you can check the eyelash extension kit, which is an affordable option for most women. To keep your eyelash extensions in good shape, you’ll need the help of an eye lash extension care specialist. And you should consider volume lash extensions supplies, too!

Be aware of the potential for allergic reactions or infection:

Have your eyes checked before and after treatment so that you don’t have to deal with any infection to set in and affect your eye health. You can ask your doctor if your eyes are fit for the eyelash extensions or are they allergic to certain chemicals. Doing this step will keep you safe from any unwanted problems.

Do use an eyelid primer when applying mascara to avoid smudging the extensions:

Applying a primer on your eyelids before mascara will help keep the curl in and make sure that you don’t accidentally smudge/remove them. It will also help them last a little bit longer.

Do find out how quickly they need to be taken off at night:

Depending on the type of eyelash extensions, you may want to do it every day or just once in a while. If they are glued on by using medical-grade glue and tape, then they should only have to come off every few days so that your natural lashes can breathe. However, if you’re wearing individual false eyelashes with mascara- those will come right back off when you remove your makeup with warm water!

Do get extensions in both eyes if they are noticeably different lengths:

The lash person will put them on at an angle so that one eye doesn’t have shorter ones sticking out more than the others- but sometimes there may be some difference between how long each set of lashes actually needs to be. They might need a few extra clusters on whichever side is shorter for the best results.

Do protect them with makeup remover wipes after removal:

This will help prevent any residual glue from sticking around and causing irritation as soon as you put on makeup again afterward. You need to take care of your natural lashes, too!

Don’ts for eyelash extensions:

Don’t worry about having someone else do it when you can, or if the person doing them knows what they’re doing:

As long as they know how to apply lashes without mishap, there’s no need for concern, but a professional eyelash extensionist is always best. There are plenty of trained professionals who have been working with lash extensions since their inception, so be sure not to rush to any conclusions too quickly (or go on instinct). If anything seems off during the application process, let them know right away. You might find yourself relieved that they took care of everything after all!

Don’t go too long without getting your lashes redone:

Although they last a few months at the most, it’s essential to get them redone on time so that you can avoid any potential problems. If your eyelashes look sparse or uneven and the glue is beginning to show through, make an appointment as soon as possible!

Don’t rub your eyes:

You’ll risk dislodging the extensions from their place on your lash line, not to mention you’ll be cutting off your own eyelashes in the process! Besides, rubbing your eyes will only make them redder and more irritated.

Don’t over-apply mascara:

This may seem like an excellent way to ensure your lashes are thick, long, and dark, but the opposite is true! Overdoing it with mascara can lead you down a road of clumps, smudges, flakes, or flaking glue that won.

Don’t use mascara on top of lash extension glue (at least during the first few days):

Letting the adhesive set is essential so it can bond with your natural lashes better. Applying more products over that will only weigh them down and make them stick together even worse than before- leading to a major mess!

Don’t use artificial eyelashes inside the eye line:

Unless you’re a drag performer, this is probably not something most people want to do. You should never wear falsies near your eyeball because they can irritate and damage the surface, which could lead to infection or other complications down the road.


Getting eyelash extensions can seem like a great idea, but if you’re not careful, they can do some real damage.


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