An array of factors works when it comes to designing the dream house in accordance with the budget and the location as well. The planning and plotting needs a proper sketch to be chalked out; and hence, consulting with the builders is essential. These days an array of home styles and building designs are widely in vogue which are aesthetically appealing but one should always think about the long term usage plans.

  •  The head count of family members is to be kept in mind when we plan for number of rooms and the size of rooms. In this case, a blue print is to be handed to the builders so that the sketch is easier to be fleshed out.
  •  To look into the area, the land, the location of a particular property is of utmost importance. Looking into the vital aspects of the land area, network connectivity, electricity connection, internet provisions and so on and so forth is another primary concern that should never be neglected.

To plan for the home design means planning the vital requirements of the dwellers, such as the room arrangements, having a garage provision, having a small plot allotted for lawn, equal spacing of rooms and moderate sized restrooms, ample space for living area, a spacious bed room and a kitchen of adequate size. Planning the directions is also really significant as the home must be sunny enough and airy as well. Consulting for professional help might be really fruitful as the dreams and budget are to be balanced well. Planning out of one’s own volition is all about implementing one’s own desires and customisation ideas.

Planning a house with laws and orders keeping in mind

Keeping in mind the laws of land and other such protocols is of utmost importance as building a house is all about permanency and any sort of dispute regarding land can be a colossal abyss.

Ample space for doors and windows: This is really essential as the house needs to be airy enough, must have enough space for air circulation. Ventilators are important as well. Ducts and vents are essential and provisions for air conditioning vents and ducts are also a must. Doors must be wide enough so that larger furniture can be shifted and moved with ease. An open windward side of a house is always preferred.

Planning a house with a main door and a back door is mandatory for emergency cases. Excess of doors or windows should be avoided while planning as that increases the risk of theft or any other damage. Doors and windows must ensure security too.

Electrical outlets, wires and switches: This is an essential factor that needs to be consulted with experts so that allocating the plugs, the electrical devices, the switch boards and the electricity connecting devices gets easier and convenient. Proper earthing of the wires is necessary to save the plot from electric shocks and mishaps. The internal wiring mechanism should always be kept very simple devoid of any complicated wiring network or pattern.

Drainage and sewage outlets: Planning for the water inlets and outlets especially those connected to the restrooms and kitchens is a difficult task as the outlets must go hand in hand with ease and also possibility of blockage must be avoided.

Height of the ceiling, the floor spacing, and the roof contour, spaces for gardening, pool or lawn if desired and so on and so forth must be planned in a calculated manner. Also one needs to have a concrete sense of measurement while doing so.

  •  Having a strong base of the house upon the earth in accordance with the soil type, the climate, the regional atmosphere, the location are some of the major things to be kept in mind while planning a dream house.
  •  While thinking of the home design, we must keep in mind the thermoregulation techniques; such as slanting roofs is precipitation is high in the area to avoid clogging of water or snowflakes owing to excess of down pour or snow fall in the area .

Planning for flat roofs in locations where needed and suited. In colder climatic regions the heat retention is to be kept in mind and hence, insulation of the house is a major factor. In tropical climatic zones one ought to think about the air circulation and ventilation. House designers Brisbane and such other builders and designers must be consulted and appointed if needed when we want our plans to come to fruition.

Thickness of the walls; the materials to be used while making the doors and windows; and the interiors such as ceilings and floor- are some of the most essential aspects to be kept in mind while planning a beautiful and robust dream house.

Factors to Think About When Planning for Your Home Design

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