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Falalalala with LuLaRoe

Disclaimer:  I do have a LuLaRoe ad in my sidebar… for my favorite consultant.  We exchange some pieces of clothing for her add placement.  I also regularly purchase LuLaRoe from her and other consultants at full price.  All opinions stated are 100% my own.


I Love LuLaRoe



Yes, I drank the sugary sweet drink and now I’m hooked. One of my daughters has been a fan for quite some time, but I was afraid to take the leap.  Shopping for clothing on line hasn’t always turned out well for me.  I loath having to pack up things that don’t fit right, and schelp to the post office to mail them back. But I kept hearing such great things about LuLaRoe, that I finally succumbed.  Let me tell you…I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID!

My very first purchase was a Maxi, and I haven’t looked back.

I’m now the owner of Maxis, Carlys, Lindsays, Classic Tees, Irmas, Perfects, a Randy and a Joy! I have yet to have a single thing that hasn’t fit! I wear them everywhere.  Here is my latest purchase!

LuLaRoeI’m usually cold, so I love being able to don a Lindsay over my Classic Tee, Irma or Perfect.  They keep me warm without getting over heated.

About LuLaRoe

Every Piece Has its Own Story

Arriving in the hands of our Customers, each piece embarks on its own journey, complimenting the story of the beautiful person wearing it. Live the LuLaRoe Culture and Join the Movement. Simply Comfortable – LuLaRoe

No matter if you wear an XXS or XXXL, you can get a perfect fit with LuLaRoe!


The key is to find GREAT CONSULTANTS who can advise you on the fit of the pieces that they have to offer.  For example, I found a Carly that I loved and asked Ally her opinion.  She knows LuLaRoemy size and body shape.  She told me that the dress in question, did not have a lot of stretch and she suggested that I wait and find another Carly llr-post-3that I liked, that would give me more wiggle room.  If you have good consultants they won’t try to sell you something that won’t work for you.  BUT, most are willing to let you send back items that don’t fit.  Be sure to ask questions before you buy, and then you won’t have any worries!

Now… to introduce you to Allison Carter Kenny.  You can find her on Facebook at LuLaRoe Shopping with Ally. (just find her page and ask to join!)  She is not only my consultant, but I consider her a friend.  It really is a small world, as it turns out that we have several mutual friends.  Ally is in Florida, and if you live in her area, be sure to stop by at one of her in home pop-ups!  So if you have a fashionista in your life, who loves comfortable beautiful clothes…think Falalalala with LuLaRoe this holiday season!

LuLaRoe Shopping with Ally
Ally says ” I want YOU to look great and feel great in LuLaRoe!”


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