The drainage system that lies underneath your home is a complex maze of pipes, and there is always a risk of the system becoming partially or totally blocked. A blocked drain is one of the worst scenarios for a homeowner, and if you have recently become a property owner for the first time, here are some of the tell-tale signs that your drains are suffering from a blockage.

  • Water Backing up in the Toilet – If the flushed water does not disappear like normal, it is likely you have a blocked drain and if that is the case, there are local drain unblockers who can easily be located with a Google search. This is preferable to trying to unblock the drains yourself, which could be very tricky, as the experts have all the equipment to locate and remedy the blockage.


  • Gurgling Sounds – If you hear strange noises that sound like something from a sci-fi movie, it is more likely to be a partially blocked drain. The gurgling is caused by water becoming trapped at certain points and it is usually coupled with slow draining water from either the toilet or sink. This can sound like a coffee pot percolating and a common time to experience this is when the washing machine is being emptied. Believe it or not, the most common cause of a blocked drain is tree roots that grow into and compromise the drainage pipes, and in such a case, you should call in a drainage specialist who can either replace or sleeve line the affected section.
Tell-Tale Signs of a Blocked Sewer
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  • Pools of Water – If you notice pools of water at the drainage points outside the home, this is another sign that there is a blockage somewhere in the drainage system. There are two possibilities with a blocked drain; the first is that the blockage is somewhere inside the pipes that run through your home, while the second possibility is that the main sewers are blocked. The former is the much preferred scenario, as it is both easier to locate and clear the blockage, whereas if the main sewer is blocked, it is much more difficult to identify the blockage location.
Tell-Tale Signs of a Blocked Sewer
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Whenever you have drain issues, the best course of action is to leave it to the professionals, as using drain cleaning products can be harmful and more often than not, they do not clear the blockage. A drain cleaning company has both the experience and the equipment to locate the cause and carry out effective repairs. The drain unblocker would use state of the art CCTV units that can give them a clear picture of the inner state of the drains, and by traversing the entire length of the drainage system, you will have a read out as to the current condition of your drains.

In order to minimize the risk of blocked drains, you should install fine wire mesh grills over all plugs, which will prevent soap and human hair from entering the system, and by making sure that you never put food waste down the kitchen sink, you are less likely to experience a blocked drain.

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Tell-Tale Signs of a Blocked Sewer

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